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The Amsterdam Garden of Eden

I would have preferred white bedsheets apart from that the stay was very nice 

James, Scotland


Birgit's home is in a lively location with everything you need nearby, yet it is quiet and very relaxing.  It is beautifully decorated, and well equipped with everything that you'll need to make a home away from home.  The kitchen is fabulous to cook in, and we enjoyed the company from the water birds who visited daily.  It is easily accessible by tram, and only a few stops to Centraal train station.  Birgit took us on a private boat tour around the canals...

Ria, Australia

La Reve (The Dream)

Clean, Bright, and a great location. The host was very nice and flexible - and offered lots and lots of insider recommendations. Highly recommend.  

Monica, England

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Love, peace and happiness on an Amsterdam houseboat

Love, peace and happiness on an Amsterdam houseboat

Woodstock couple falls in love with the houseboat life  In the summer of 1969 Bobbi and Nick Ercoline were, unknowingly, photographed during the legendary Woodstock festival. This picture became the cover of the iconic album Woodstck: Music from the Orinal Soundtrack and More. Now, the winter of 2019 the couple are the guests of honor of ‘Woodstock The Story – 50th Anniversary Tour’. During their stay in Amsterdam, they lived the most bohemian, hippie-esque life possible: on a houseboat. And they fell in love, head over heels, again.   Text and photo's: Juul Steyn    Bobbi and Nick fell in love all over again both with each other and the hippie lifestyle on a houseboat (photo: Juul Steyn / Bookahouseboat)   A trip down memory lane What a contrary this trip to Amsterdam was, compared with their visit to the festival of peace, love and great music 50 years ago. Time for a trip back memory lane. Back then they had not even planned on going, but there was some magic buzz going on

5 Reasons why you should rent a houseboat in Amsterdam

5 Reasons why you should rent a houseboat in Amsterdam

Why you should rent a houseboat in Amsterdam Let’s be honest; we all try to do something different when we travel but mostly, we wind up doing the same thing. It’s true, walking tours and hotel chains always seem to feature on a city break but when do we really venture out to try something new? Now: that’s not to say there is anything wrong with either of the above but there’s only so many times you can do the same thing and expect a different outcome. In other words, travel is supposed to be about new experiences and booking a houseboat in Amsterdam is surely a lot more exciting than another night at the Best Western or any other hotel in the city. In this interview we ask Robert, award winning host of a floating B&B in Amsterdam, why houseboat holidays are so appealing. And we take a quick look at what makes Amsterdam so special.   Reason #1: Get a new perspective on Amsterdam “Amsterdam is quite a contrast to most cities in Europe. As you know, bicycles are preferred to cars and asi

Hip and eco friendly houseboat design

Hip and eco friendly houseboat design

Eco friendly houseboat based on container Low-cost housing is one of the controversial questions for young people who are looking for buying their dream houses, preferably at low cost and environmental friendly. McMurdo – an eco-designer – proved it is possible: he turned a 40ft shipping container into a floating home. By Linh Vo   Mc Murdo finished his degree in product design and visualization at Bournemouth University. He worked as car designer  for some time in Cologne, Germany, but soon found out German culture is way ahead of Britain in terms of recycling. So back to the UK, chasing his dream – and design an astonishing houseboat along the way. ‘No need for mud and hemp’ Back in his motherland he founded the company Reestore. This is where he maximized his designing and manufacturing ideas from waste destined for landfill. Designing environmentally friendly is not easy, especially if you want to make it look good. But McMurdo has upgraded this way of designing to another lev