About us





Bookahouseboat.com is the first worldwide rental community, focusing solely on houseboats and floating homes. Our goal is to give you a unique overview of the most authentic and unique houseboats for rent around the world. This innovative vacation rental start-up is situated in Amsterdam, houseboat walhalla, next to one of its famous canals.


One of the company's founders owns 2 houseboats; one he lives on himself and the other is especially for rental purposes. So maybe you will rent it some day!


Created through personal expertise and enthusiasm, Bookahouseboat.com aims to create a high quality booking community for houseboat owners, renters, and enthusiasts. So come aboard, and join our community of houseboats!



Our Team


The Bookahouseboat.com team consists of the two founders, admin/service employees, customers happiness employees and web-development specialists. We are an enthusiastic and pro-active team that is customer- and solution focused. A high degree of personalization, along with the focus on high-quality listings, allow us to become the perfect rental platform for everyone who loves houseboats!


We hope that you, our customers, will experience as much fun while staying on a houseboat as we do!


Oh, and we welcome feedback. If you have any suggestions, tips or improvements, please contact us.