B&Bs on houseboats available for Corona helpers / volunteers

First of all, we hope that you are doing well in these confusing times. The corona crisis hits the holiday rental market very hard, resulting in many vacant B&B's. At the same time, we expect a big increase in the number of professionals committed to coping with this crisis in many cities in the near future. Think of employees in healthcare, but also logistics managers and civil servants. Not all these professionals can go home every day, for example because they live (far) outside of the city. As Bookahouseboat.com we see an opportunity to give something back.

Our plan is to not leave these B&B's unused, but to make them available to those who need it most. The condition for you as owner is that the B&B has a separate entrance so that physical contact, and therefore the chance of contamination, is as small as possible. The starting point is that the accommodation is offered at cost price (cleaning costs). If the professional's employer has a budget for subsistence allowance, you can determine a reasonable price yourself.

Participation is easy:
* Register on Bookahouseboat.com for the 'Corona help program'.
* Create a 'Special Rate' with the name 'Corona help' for the period up to 1 June. When you set this name we do not charge a service fee.
* Set the nightly rate to 1 euro (this is the minimum because the system does not allow an entry of 0 euro)
* You can decide whether and how much cleaning costs you charge.
* If you have 'Instant booking' enabled, we will automatically turn it off for this period so that you can assess each requests yourself. After this period, it will automatically switch on again.
* Your houseboat will be placed on a special 'Corona help' page.
* Follow these cleaning instructions.

We will add an explanation text to your advertisement stating that this offer only applies to people who demonstrably help in the fight against corona. In addition, we ask the professionals to report to you for which organization they work. It is then up to you whether or not you accept the booking request. We will do our best to bring the offered houseboats under the attention of the right target group as much as possible. With this program we try to do our part in this crisis and we sincerely hope that you will get on board with us. Together we can fight corona!

Take care!
Pepijn and Juul
Team Bookahouseboat.com