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Useful tips and tricks to get the best out of Bookahouseboat


Show the world how great your houseboat is, that's what a good listing on is all about. In this article we will show you step by step how to get the most out of your houseboat rental. The basic rule is simple: the better your listing, the more guests will book your floating home.                


Add a new houseboat  





* After registring as a Houseboat Owner you're ready to add your houseboat rental!


* It's very important to choose a catchy headline so guests will be triggered to have a closer look at your boat.


* Add relevant highlights such as a great location (in the city centre), cool amenities (with jacuzzi) or a special offer (20 % discount this spring).



Write a good summary and description





* The better the quality of this summary and houseboat description, the better chances are that travellers will book your houseboat.


* Guests will search for places that suit their specific needs, so describing your houseboat and amenities accurately helps to attract the guests that best match with your property.


* Make sure to answer important questions that travellers might have, such as the availability of Wifi, and share information about the atmosphere in your neighbourhood, parking and public transport.



Show superb photography





*Add more superb photo's below your main photo




* Photo’s simply give the best impression of your houseboat rental possible, so seriously pay attention to this.


* Even the most wonderful boat looks pretty bad if the photo’s are not ok. Therefore you should only upload well focussed, bright and representative images of the actual spaces that your guests have access to.


* Always put your best photo on top as the 'main photo' because this photo will by shown at the search results.


* A simple rule is to at least show all the rooms in your houseboat. Besides that it’s smart to show photo’s of cool features of your place, such as a BBQ, patio or Jacuzzi.




Add location






* Travellers want to know where they are going, so make sure the location of your houseboat is set correct.


* Simply choose your Country, Region, Town/Area and add the correct address.


* If the location can not be found by entering the address, you can pinpoint your location manually by clicking on ‘Find Property on Map’.


Add prices






* You know your houseboat as no one else, so it’s totally up to you to set the price for your houseboat.


* The more competitive your rates, the more likely travellers will choose your houseboat.


* You can add special rates for special periods, such as holidays to improve your turnover.


* You can add Week Pricing, Mid-week Pricing, Month Pricing and Weekend Pricing


* You can add Extra Guest Pricing


* You can add tourist tax, cleaning price, payment policy and custom extra's such as a jacuzzi or BBQ


* You can add a Special Offer that will be highlighted in your listing  


* The total price for renting your property will be calculated automatically after the guest has filled out the enquiry form  






Edit availability




 *Use the handy Google Calendar or iCalendar synchronization tool to synchronize your bookahouseboat calender with your own calendar.


*If you do not use Google calender or iCalendar, you can lways keep your availability up to date with our own convenient calendar. Your advert will only be shown for requests that match the period your houseboat is really for rent. This helps to keep the user experience on a high level and avoids requests for dates that your boat is not available.


We whish you a very good houseboat rental experience with And don't hesitate to ask if you have any questions - glad to help!