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Floating B&B aboard on Award Winning Houseboat

Have an unforgettable houseboat holiday in wonderful Amersfoort. 35 min from Utrecht - 55 min from Amsterdam

Excellent! 5/5 (3 reviews)

Houseboat highlights

  1. Awarded houseboat in Amersfoort
  2. Super cozy interior design
  3. Feel like a true captain behind the steering wheel
  1. Wonderful breakfast, welcoming hosts
  2. 8 min from the centre, 35 min from Utrecht, 55 min from Amsterdam

Houseboat summary

We never thought we would welcome you aboard a houseboat. But we do! Until 2016 we had a regular job, lived in a regular house, in a regular street. Then we decided to change everything, bought a freight ship and transformed it into our dreamboat. And now we are super proud to have a wonderful B&B in the back part of our houseboat, with 2 bedrooms, a cozy living room and access to the grand wheelhouse. Amersfoort city centre is just 8 minutes cycling away, and Utrecht and Amsterdam are only 35 and 55 minutes away with public transport. 

Houseboat description

We have put all our love into this project and we were happily surprised when we heard we won the Houseboat Of The Year Award in 2016: a prestigious award for newly built houseboats in The Netherlands. We hope you like the ship just as much as the jury, so let me take you out for a grand tour. 

Our houseboat is docked just outside the wonderful and super cozy city centre of Amersfoort, on the Eem - the only river that starts and ends in The Netherlands. When arriving in our street, you may be surprised to find yourself in quite an industrial area, but don't be misguided by this. As soon as you enter the gate to our premises, you will get into the nautical spheres that we so much love. From our private quay - where you can sit back and relax on sun loungers if weather permits - you step aboard the ship. You have entered the central hallway. 

The living room 

The left door leads to our own home, completely separated from your private studio. We will welcome you aboard personally and show you around. Walk to the right, hang up your coat and enter the super cozy living room. Notice the special atmosphere, taking you back to the great 60's. When renovating the ship, we have maintained the original wooden floors, walls and ceilings. The rest of the interior is the result of a great journey over the interwebs and along many thrift stores all through the country. Although we do have fast wifi, we have decided not to go for a large flatscreen tv. Instead we offer a pick-up and large collection of vinyl records, from Jimi Hendrix to Dire Straits. 

The bedrooms 

On both sides of the living room you will find the entrance to the bedrooms, each with a double bed measuring 120 x 210 cm. Next to the living room there is a convenient bathroom with very comfortable shower, toilet and double sink. 

The wheelhouse

And last but not least there is the most awesome part of the ship, the command room, the place where you will feel like a true sailor. Yes, it's time to enter the wheelhouse, with the large steering wheel still intact. This is not only a cool place to discover your inner captain, but also a wonderful place to enjoy your breakfast  or have a drink and enjoy the sun set. 

Staying with us means having a great breakfast

Yes, be believe breakfast is the most important meal of the day - especially for sailors like you and me. Therefore our stay always includes a wholesome and tasty breakfast with freshly baked bread. And of course we love to share our best tips to make your stay even more unforgettable. 

Things to do around

The city of Amersfoort has a wonderful historical inner city with a lot off different restaurants. There is a lot to do and see when visiting our city. First of all Amersfoort is a great city to go shopping, with many boutique shops. Although our ship will be docked during your stay, you can enjoy the river Eem for sure. Just take a cruise with one of the ships in the city centre and view the city from a different perspective. And don't forget to climb the 'Onze Lieve Vrouwe Toren'. This is a wonderful tower of 98 meters tall, offering an amazing view over the city centre. 

Only available from Monday till Friday night

Please note that our B&B is only available from Monday till Friday night (so check out on Saturday at the latest). During the weekend we keep the ship for ourselves so we can go out sailing with our ship, because that was the other part of our dream.

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Property type

Moored houseboat

Payment policy

25-75% or 50-50% or 100% (read more)

Cancellation policy

Security deposit

Not required

Check in/out time

Check in between 16:00 and 19:00.

Check out before 11:00.


2 Bedrooms, 4 Sleeps

Number of double beds: 2


We offer two bedrooms, each with a double bed, measuring 120 x 210 cm. This is not huge, but super cozy. The bathroom offers a large shower, toilet and a double sink. 


Number of bathrooms: 1
Number of toilets: 1

Holiday type

Historic / sightseeing
Town / city

Lake / riverside


Linen provided
Towels provided

Dining table & chairs


Music system / CD player
WiFi / internet

Internet access

Outdoor facilities

Terrace / balcony

Sun loungers

Heating / cooling

Central heating


Close to the shops

Activities nearby

Walking / hiking

Cycling / mountain biking


How to get there

Our houseboat is easy to be reached by car and we offer free parking on the street. When traveling with public transport, it is just a 20 minute trip from Amersfoort Central Station. There is a bus leaving every 5 minutes. After 4 stops you get out and from there it is a 1,2 km walk. 

You can of course also just take a taxi from the station, taking you to our boat in only 8 minutes. 

We rent out high quality bikes to make it as easy as possible for you to get around. 

About the area


Things to do and see during your houseboat holiday in Amersfoort. Let me give you a Top-10 of what we like about our city and the surrounding area's.


1. Ideal shopping city

Amersfoort is an ideal city for shoppers. The Langestraat is a well-known shopping street where all kinds of special boutiques and various shops can be found. The shopping street on Sint Jorisplein and Utrechtsestraat are also recommended for shopping.

2. Cruise through Amersfoort

There are round trips through the city center of Amersfoort. A company called De Waterlijn makes cruises through the Amersfoort canals almost every day. The skipper tells interesting stories about the history of Amersfoort and the famous places during the voyage. The cruise leaves from the Krommestraat, where you can buy a ticket for € 5.

3. Get sporty

Climb the 98 meter high Onze Lieve Vrouwetoren! At the top of the tower you have a beautiful view of the city. There are also guided tours where more is told about the legend of the tower.


4. Monuments

There are about 650 monuments to discoverin Amersfoort. A few of these are definitely worth a visit! The Koppelpoort is an old city gate that dates from 1400 and is part of the former city wall. The Kamperbinnenpoort and the Monnikendam are also beautiful ports to visit. Furthermore, the medieval Muurhuizen are also recommended to have seen once.


5. Museums

Amersfoort also has a number of beautiful museums. The Mondriaanhuis is a museum along the canals, with all kinds of works by the painter Piet Mondrian. Moreover, there is Kunsthal KADE, which organizes exhibitions in the field of modern art and contemporary culture. In addition, there is the Flehite Museum, which is located in three medieval wall houses. Here you can see everything about the history of Amersfoort.


6. Markets
There are weekly markets on Fridays and Saturdays in and around the center. For example, there is a flower market on Friday, a fish market, a farmers market and a food market. On Saturday is the weekly market and snuffelmarkt.


7. Trips, festivals and events
In addition, there are always fun activities to do in Amersfoort such as festivals, workshops, concerts and much more. Examples of festivals that take place include: Proef Amersfoort, Lepeltje Lepeltje and Into the Woods festival. There are also various workshops to follow such as workshop basic photography, making cocktails or cooking workshops.


In addition to the special city center, there is also a beautiful natural environment outside of Amersfoort. But what are the most beautiful places? We have put together a selection for you.


8. Soester Duinen: The Dunes of Soest

The Soester Duinen is a nature reserve near Amersfoort, where you can enjoy a wonderful walk. The area is known for sand drifts, heathland and the wooded area. There are also several walking routes to follow. There is also plenty to do for the children.


9. Estate Den Treek-Henschoten

Moreover, Landgoed Den Treek-Henschoten is also recommended in the field of walking and cycling. This area consists of forests, agriculture and heath. Also here are several hiking trails that are definitely worth it.


10. Utrechtse Heuvelrug: Utrecht Ridge

In addition, National Park Utrechtse Heuvelrug is also a large wooded area. The area also has various highlights, such as: castles, casemates, museums, walking tours and much more.

All in all, there are plenty of fun activities in Amersfoort and surroundings! Hopefully this information has given a better picture of what can be done in Amersfoort. Do you want to fully enjoy a day in Amersfoort? Bed & Breakfast de Floating B&B aboard on Award Winning Houseboat is located less than 2 km from the city center of Amersfoort.

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Houseboat owner


Although we never thought we would end up living on a houseboat, we now can not imagine living on the land again. We actually love it so much that we want to share this wonderful experience with you - so be welcome aboard!

Response time
Normally within 4 hours
Language spoken

3 Reviews - Floating B&B aboard on Award Winning Houseboat

Excellent! 5/5

  1. Michael - the Netherlands

    26 Oct

    Amazing houseboat experience in Amersfoort

    We enjoyed every minute of our stay. From the warm personal welcome, the guided tour (especially the children really liked it!) and the entire accommodation. The bathroom was very neat and complete. Over all the houseboat offers a very cozy atmosphere. The ship is renovated very nice with beautiful old elements in it that have been preserved.

    Hostess was very friendly and welcoming.

    A delicious breakfast made our night with 2 kids - just super!

  2. Simon - Belgium

    06 Nov

    Great houseboat in Amersfoort - great hosts!

    What a great entourage to be received with incredible positive owners of this beautiful ship.
    You will stay aboard this houseboat, with everything you need. The owners are fun to speak with and they serve a very good breakfast in the wheelhouse.

  3. Tatjana S - Germany

    04 Aug

    Just perfect

    Hi Anneke, the three of us had a perfect weekend on your lovely houseboat. We will be back :) Best, Tatjana, Simone and Mira

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