Houseboat Have a relaxing day on 'The Big Change'

This beautiful tjalk is the perfect sailing ship to have relaxing day on the water!

  • The home port Muiden
  • The stunning kitchen
  • The cozy salon
  • 4-person cabin
  • The home port Muiden
  • The stunning kitchen
  • The cozy salon
  • 4-person cabin
  • A cabin
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Houseboat summary

This tjalk boat is a real beauty. She is almost 23 meters long and has a width of 4.3 meters. The homeport of this stunning sailing ship is Muiden. On day trips, 20 people can sail along. For multiple day trips, there is room for 14 people. The Big Change sails on the IJsselmeer, the Markermeer, the Wadden Sea and the Frisian Lakes. 

Houseboat description

This authentic tjalk was built in 1924 as a cargo ship in Groningen. Nowadays, guests sleep and live in the rooms that were originally used to transport sugar beets, sand and potatoes. The former cargo area is transformed into a cozy guest house with a kitchen, toilet, shower, and three cabins. Despite the transformation, the ship has retained its authenticity. 

You will find great comfort on deck. Come on board and right away, you will feel at home. The atmosphere on deck is cozy, warm and safe. This pleasant ambiance is also created by the female skipper. She sails with a 'female touch' and pays a lot of attention to the catering and her guests and finds it very important to create a relaxing atmosphere. 

There are two 3-person cabins and one 6-person cabin present. Below deck, you will find a stunning and cozy salon with a lot of beautiful details. The ship is well maintained and very clean, which you will notice right away. In every cabin, a sink is present. 

We offer different types of catering that matches all your wishes and needs. What about a barbecue on a deserted island, or a high tea in the sun on deck? Also, The Big Change has a fully equipped kitchen, in which you can prepare all meals yourself. 

You can rent the sailing boat for a specific part of the day, a whole day, a weekend or for multiple days. 

Note: prices depend on your personal requests, duration etc, so please make an inquiry and we will get back to you with a detailed proposal on short notice!


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Houseboat highlights

  • Well maintained and very clean

  • Cozy salon

  • Authentic but comfortable sailing boat

  • A beautiful sailing boat with great sailing qualities

  • Very enthousiastic female crew

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