The Capsule Houseboat

Come aboard this authentic, refurbished escape pod in Gelderland!

  • The capsule in its beautiful surroundings
  • Typical Dutch landscapes
  • Come aboard!
  • On the move
  • Cozy interior
  • The capsule in its beautiful surroundings
  • Typical Dutch landscapes
  • Come aboard!
  • On the move
  • Cozy interior
  • Microwave oven
  • Towels and linen are included
  • Kitchenette
  • Mini-fridge
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Houseboat summary

Have you ever wondered how it would feel to be adrift on an authentic maritime escape pod? It is now possible to experience it for yourself, safely in the beautiful surroundings of the Maas and Waal region! Without being actually lost at sea, this completely refurbished escape capsule gives you a truly unique experience without giving in to comfort or convenience. 

A few years ago, this capsule was still attached to an actual oil rig out in the North Sea, housing up to 28 workers in case of calamities. With a powerful engine and an independent oxygen supply, these workers were able to survive until they were rescued. The two owners of this now functional houseboat eventually brought it over to the Netherlands and completely restyled and refurbished the capsule. It is now a luxurious, comfortable houseboat in the middle of beautiful Gelderland that can sleep two persons! Come aboard, and enjoy a truly out-of-the-box experience! 

Houseboat description

This authentic rescue capsule, originally built in California in 1972, is now the perfect getaway for two: especially when combining the unique accommodation with the beautiful surroundings, you have a truly off-grid experience. The capsule has a toilet, a small kitchenette, a couch, a comfortable two-person bed, and even a television. 

This year, the houseboat is moored in Gelderland. Situated in 'De Groene Heuvels', in Ewijk, is one of the nicest spots in the country of Maas and Waal (the country around the rivers Maas and Waal). Many opportunities to enjoy the countryside, go on hikes, discover the small towns, and finally really unwind!

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Houseboat highlights

  • Comfortable, convenient, and basic

  • Authentic, refurbished maritime escape capsule

  • In the middle of 'Maas and Waal'

  • Cozy design

  • Off-grid experience

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