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Houseboat rental Rotterdam - 27 houseboats

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Rental from $167 Per night


Netherlands, South Holland, Rotterdam 3 Sleeps 3 Sleeps (New houseboat, no reviews yet)

Rental from $309 Per night
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Rental from $167 Per night
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Rental from $247 Per night
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Rental from $408 Per night
Rental from $179 Per night
Rental from $185 Per night


Netherlands, South Holland, Rotterdam 4 Sleeps, 4 Sleeps, (2)

Rental from $321 Per night
Rental from $1025 Per night
Rental from $445 Per night
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Average rating of Rotterdam: 4.7 out of 5 based on 93 reviews.

We offer 27 houseboats in Rotterdam, with a total of 241 sleeps with prices ranging from NaN to NaN per night.

Welcome to Rotterdam!

It’s is both interesting and understandable that most people think of Amsterdam when talking about houseboats. Both cities, however, have their own history with water. Rotterdam has one of the largest harbors in the world. Rotterdam and the maritime industry go hand in hand. Consequently, it is no surprise that there are many great houseboats available for rent in this buzzing city.



It was because of the Rotterdam bombing in 1943 that the Dutch army surrendered to the Germans during WOII. With killing over 800, and leaving more than 80.000 people homeless, the Germans threatened to do the same to other Dutch cities, among which Amsterdam. After the war, Rotterdam was left with a destroyed city center. The people of Rotterdam, however, got to work and bounced back in an extraordinary way. The city became the paragon for modernity and style, and is widely regarded as the capital of the Netherlands in terms of art, creativity, and design. That’s what we call resurrection.


Old meets new

It’s a beautiful contrast really; a traditional Dutch barge moored on a quay with modern skyscrapers. That is exactly what makes sleeping on a houseboat in Rotterdam so extraordinary. The old traditions and authenticity in general, on a background of stylish modern architecture. If you are interested in creative design, amazing industrial surroundings, a huge underground scene, and unique accommodation, look no further! You should rent a houseboat in Rotterdam for sure!


The gateway to Europe

With its central location, and Europe behind it, the harbor of Rotterdam is the largest in Europe with regards to bulk handling. Rotterdam was number one for a great period of time, but was eventually passed by Shanghai and Singapore. In Europe, however, the harbor of Rotterdam maintains the lead position over Antwerp and Hamburg. As we speak, the ‘Tweede Maasvlakte’ is in development, allowing the harbor of Rotterdam to expand and increase its activities through the creation of land in the North Sea.


Rotterdam’s maritime history and industry, in combination with its creative highlight and architecture, make ideal conditions for an amazing houseboat holiday. Luckily, many of these houseboats are available for rent on Bookahouseboat.com! Enjoy your experience afloat.


Long term houseboat rentals Rotterdam

If you're planning to move to the nice city of Rotterdam, consider a long term houseboat rental. Experience what it's really like to live on a houseboat - just like some locals. They are moored and scattered throughout the various docking locations along the harbor and river Maas, that flows through the city. We also offer some long term rentals in Rotterdam so check them out via the link below.


Long term houseboat rentals Rotterdam