5 Reasons why you should rent a houseboat in Amsterdam

Why you should rent a houseboat in Amsterdam

Let’s be honest; we all try to do something different when we travel but mostly, we wind up doing the same thing. It’s true, walking tours and hotel chains always seem to feature on a city break but when do we really venture out to try something new?


Now: that’s not to say there is anything wrong with either of the above but there’s only so many times you can do the same thing and expect a different outcome. In other words, travel is supposed to be about new experiences and booking a houseboat in Amsterdam is surely a lot more exciting than another night at the Best Western or any other hotel in the city. In this interview we ask Robert, award winning host of a floating B&B in Amsterdam, why houseboat holidays are so appealing. And we take a quick look at what makes Amsterdam so special.


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Reason #1: Get a new perspective on Amsterdam

“Amsterdam is quite a contrast to most cities in Europe. As you know, bicycles are preferred to cars and aside from the red light district, famous museums and liberal drug laws, the city is best known for some truly wonderful canals”, says Robert. But what’s so special about the canals?

“Well, they look easy on the eye but more importantly, they offer an entirely different perspective of the city. That is to say, everything looks different from the water, as opposed to from nearby streets or the bicycle lanes running either side of the canal. Streaming left to right in every pocket of the city, these canals are also lined with colorful brick buildings, luscious elm trees and friendly locals.”

But what does this mean for you?

Robert: “Well, it means that renting a houseboat in Amsterdam is a great way to get to the core of city. After all, these canals are the heartbeat of Amsterdam or its’ bloodstream at the very least. You see, everything feels connected on the water and there’s obviously more to see when looking out of your windows as opposed to any of the nearby hotels.”


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Reason #2: On a houseboat, change is the only constant

“When you rent a houseboat for the first time, you will realize why change is the only constant in life”, says Robert. “Even when the houseboat of your choice is moored along the quay, a so called stationary houseboat. You see, water is flowing, ducks and geese swim by, and a wide variety of boats will pass your temporary floating holiday home. And why not rent a boat to cruise over the countless canals in Amsterdam? As you make your way around the canals, the surroundings are constantly changing. You can feel the wind change with the weather and drifting from one neighborhood to the next, the facades are always colorful with vintage stores, art galleries and historical monuments at every turn. That change is really something unique to me.”


Houseboat rentals in Amsterdam


Reason #3: You get great value for money

“When it comes to new experiences, renting a houseboat in Amsterdam is certainly the most unique choice of accommodation, not to mention the most interesting way to explore the city. With this in mind, renting a houseboat is also fantastic value. Think about it; you have a place to stay and the most exciting way to explore all rolled into one package. Needless to say, this makes the rental cost of a houseboat make a lot more sense than what you might pay for a hotel room… that you might rarely use.”


Reason #4: There is a houseboat for everyone

A logical question: what houseboat should I be looking for?

Robert explains: “That is a good question indeed. There are many options for houseboat rentals and one for every budget or occasion, from luxury stationary houseboats to characteristic renovated cargo ships. Some houseboats are more basic than others while the luxury barge is a somewhat glamorous way to navigate the canals of Amsterdam. Either way, if you can afford a hotel room in this part of the world, rest assured that houseboat rental is usually a more affordable option.”


Reason #5: Booking a houseboat is safe, simple and super fun

Robert: “Just have a look at Bookahouseboat.com, the leading houseboat rental website around the world. Here you can use the filters to find the best option for your holiday. You can filter on price, rating and recommendations. By doing so, you will be shown an extensive list of suitable houseboats. In this sense, they know all about houseboats in Amsterdam, but also other European destinations such as Berlin, London and Paris. As the first houseboat rental community in the world, they also like to assure their customer with excellent customer support and a booking system that is both easy-to-use and 100% safe and secure. I am really glad using their service and share the fun of living on the water with guests from all over the world.”


5 reasons to book a houseboat in Amsterdam 5 reasons to rent a houseboat in Amsterdam 5 reasons to hire a houseboat in Amsterdam


Summary of Robert's top 5 reasons to rent a houseboat in Amsterdam:

  1. Get a new perspective on Amsterdam.
  2. On a houseboat, change is the only constant.
  3. You get great value for money.
  4. There is a houseboat for everyone.
  5. Booking a houseboat is safe, simple and super fun.

We totally agree with Robert! Follow his lead and book now!


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