Narrow boat rentals in the UK

Narrowboats offer a broad variety of options


The narrowboat – or narrow boat as these vessels are originally called – are the  most typical boats in the UK. Once they were built to transport goods through the narrow canals of the British inland waterways. The boats could not be wider then 7 foot, otherwise they would get stuck in some of the locks. By now, most of these boats are used as (semi) permanent home or as a narrowboat rental.


A lovely example of a traditional narrowboat is the ‘Stepping Stone’ in Surrey, hosted by Julie White. It’s hard to imagine that in the early days, we’re talking about the 18th century, these boats were drawn by horses, guided by a crew member – often a child. At first the families who were in the narrowboat business would live on shore. But as soon as competition of the railway rose, those families could often no longer pay the rent and were forced to go live on board of these canal boats. A tough life, with long working days and poor living conditions. How different is the situation aboard over 200 years later: the narrowboat is the perfect place to relax and enjoy the wonderful midlands of the United Kingdom.


Narrow boat rental in the UK


Narrow, but not small

As you can see on the Stepping Stone, comfort is a key element of the modern narrowboat. Although the dimensions have not changed – it is a narrow boat after all – the interior suits the needs of a modern holiday maker. The kitchen of the 62 foot vessel allows you to prepare a meal for friends and family, while it can sleep up to 6 persons comfortably. The long gone horse pulling the boat forward has made place for a diesel engine and the bow thrusters enable you to manoeuvre the boat precisely where you want it.


Kitchen narrowboat


Modern narrowboat rental

If you enter the boat via the stern deck, you’ll be surprised by the space inside. Despite the fact that the boat is no wider then 7”, it has a bedroom with a double bed and two other double beds can be created via the convertible seating.  The fully equipped bathroom has nice tiling, and in the kitchen you will find a cooker, including an oven. Add the flat screen, dvd player, music docking station and you know this boat is offering the best of both worlds: the tradition and atmosphere of long gone days, combined with all the luxury of the 21st century.



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