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Woodstock couple falls in love with the houseboat life


? ?In the summer of 1969 Bobbi and Nick Ercoline were, unknowingly, photographed during the legendary Woodstock festival. This picture became the cover of the iconic album Woodstck: Music from the Orinal Soundtrack and More. Now, the winter of 2019 the couple are the guests of honor of ‘Woodstock The Story – 50th Anniversary Tour’. During their stay in Amsterdam, they lived the most bohemian, hippie-esque life possible: on a houseboat. And they fell in love, head over heels, again. Read more >>



Why you should rent a houseboat in Amsterdam


Houseboat in Amsterdam

Let’s be honest; we all try to do something different when we travel but mostly, we wind up doing the same thing. It’s true, walking tours and hotel chains always seem to feature on a city break but when do we really venture out to try something new? Now: that’s not to say there is anything wrong with either of the above but there’s only so many times you can do the same thing and expect a different outcome. In other words, travel is supposed to be about new experiences and booking a houseboat in Amsterdam is surely a lot more exciting than another night at the Best Western or any other hotel in the city. In this interview we ask Robert, award winning host of a floating B&B in Amsterdam, why houseboat holidays are so appealing. And we take a quick look at what makes Amsterdam so special. Read more >>



This is the ultimate houseboat for fishermen


If you’re a fisherman, you probably recognize the feeling of just not wanting to get off the water at the end of a fishing trip. Well, from now on you don’t have to anymore - thanks to Le Koroc houseboat. Read more >> 



Mechanic built the ultimate car of houseboaters

Amphibious vehicles – great stuff. To buy one however you pretty much need a military budget, and building one will cost an obscene amount of money as well. But now Theon Parseghian has changed the game. He transformed a Volvo station and a houseboat to conquer both land and water. Read more >>


Funky combination: houseboats and hamburgers!


When renting a houseboat in Amsterdam, make sure to get on board of the Hard Rock Burger Cruise. You will enjoy the touristic sites of Amsterdam while driving by the most awesome floating homes AND with the delicious Hard Rock Burger. Read more>>


Meet the electric, fantastic, nomadic Boathome


Boathome Houseboat


This is a family affair where father designed a self sufficient floating villa, powered by electric engines and a daughter who built it. That is the story of Boathome in a nut shell. Read more>>


Can houseboat villages save SF Bay Area?


Those who live on, or rent a houseboat for an unforgettable holiday, know about the advantages of living on the water. But you might not have realized that floating structures might be just the solution for the massive challenges that coastal areas like SF Bay face. Read more>>



Floating islands in Copenhagen harbor

Copenhagen Houseboat floating islands

Is you're planning to stay on a houseboat in Copenhagen, there is a good chance that you will see these spirit-lifting floating islands. The concept and design is surprisingly simple, but we believe the impact on how you experience the harbor can be bigger than you think. Read more >>

After 'tiny houses' it's time for Tiny Floats

Tiny houseboat from The Netherlands

Over the past few years the Tiny-houses hype has raged over the planet. A few Dutch designers took the next step and created the Tiny Floats concept: floating holiday homes of less then 45 sqm and an inboard parking lot for your speedboat. Read more >>


Incredible houseboat journey with time-lapse video

German photographer Claudius Schulze lifts up his life to a new level by actually building his own houseboat and sailing his ‘soulmate’ from Hamburg to Paris, and stop by in Amsterdam along the way. Read more >>


Unique houseboat with hydroplane parking

Let's face it: the main reason why you don’t have hydroplane yet is that you would have troubles parking the thing, right? The good news is that a solution is found by yacht- and houseboat architect Max Zhivov: a houseboat that serves as a hydroplane parking. And when you want to move to another lake, just take it out of the water and tow it to wherever your next destination is with the two complementary trucks. Read more>>

7 Winter myths about houseboats debunked


Houseboat rentals in amsterdam during the winter

Staying at a houseboat is getting more popular every year. But for some people renting a floating holiday home during the cold winter months is a step too far. Cold feet, so to speak. Time for a solid debunk of the 7 greatest myths about winter houseboat rentals. Read more >>



5 Things to do in Amsterdam this winter

You might think that Amsterdam winters are long and cold, but you're wrong. These months are sparkling with light and energy - making it one of the most interesting destinations. Here is a list with cool things to do in Amsterdam during January, February and March. Read More>>

This houseboat can resist floods and Cat 4 storms


Storm proof houseboat

A revolutionary design or the Dutch - French water architects of ARKUP will change the way we look at houseboats. A self-elevating jack system enables this high-end floating villa to anchor and lift itself up, making it invulnerable to waves, strong currents and storms up to Category 4. Read more >>

Green rooftop revolution on Amsterdam houseboats

Green roofs houseboats Amsterdam

very revolution has a starting point, and in Amsterdam it was marked by three houseboats on the Da Costacanal that were covered with a green roof on one day. The final goal of a small non-profit-organization called ‘Grachten van Smaragd’ (Emerald Canals) is to cover all rooftops of the 2500 floating homes with a organic green roof. Read more >>


Simpy amazing: rent a submarine near Amsterdam!

Submarine Amsterdam


Here is a bucket-list-thing you did not even know it existed: make a dive with a real submarine into the deep just 20 minutes away from Amsterdam city centre. A truly unforgettable expierence in the chrystal clear waters of the 'Vinkeveense Plassen', world famous lakes just around the corner of Amsterdam. Get on board with captain Emile van Essen and you will know what it is like to be a fish, floating free and see something new every minute that you slide through this amazing underwater world. Read more>>



Look inside the Houseboat of the Year 2016


The prestigious title Houseboat of the Year, awarded by the Dutch VLOT Magazine, has been won by this amazing floating Villa: Houseboat Robbedoes. Did we say floating? We actually meant 'driving', because this beauty is fully equipped and registred as a ship. So the owners can take her anywhere they want, and cross Europe with their own home! Read more>>



Houseboat exhibition Rotterdam - till November 26!


Houseboat Exhibition Rotterdam


Everyone who is used to terra firma under their feet wonders sometimes what it is like to live on a houseboat. Is there enough space? Do you get seasick? What's it like in winter? What kind of boats can you live on? All these questions are now answered in this unique exbition called 'Living on the water'. Read more>>



Catch a true river monster from a houseboat!


Huge pike caught a few minutes away from an Amsterdam Houseboat rental


As an angler you probably don’t like to make compromises: it’s all or nothing after all. That’s why you should definitely consider to rent a houseboat during your next holiday. You’ll be staying right on top of the fish, and still have your beloved friends and family around you while fishing for true river monsters. And believe it or not: the great cities Amsterdam, Paris and Berlin are the places to be! Read more>>



BookaHouseboat launches in A'dam - with a big bang


The official launch of was a huge succes


The team of BookaHouseboat, the first world wide houseboat rental site,  kicked of their marketing campaign in Amsterdam on Friday September 2nd with a thrilling launch party. After a luxury cruise on a traditional saloon boat the gathered press was invited for a genuine houseboat experience on one of the most exhilarating floating homes the city has to offer. Read more>>



Why houseboats can help saving the planet


Floating homes in Amsterdam IJburg

Image: Marlies Rohmer Architects and Urbanists.

We are now confronted to several problems regarding real estate. Some cities like London are facing a housing crisis because there is not enough living space. Architects have to take sea level rise into consideration, as well as other consequences of climate change. To put it in a nutshell: we have less and less land to accommodate an ever-growing population. The solution is found in living on the water, from single houseboats to floating communities. Read more>>



'Divorce houseboat' makes a split-up less painfull


Artist impression of the Amsterdam Divorce Houseboat


Our social behaviors affect the way that our homes are designed. And do you know what is a tendency in our modern society? Divorce. An Amsterdam-based design studio created a modern house boat that can split apart. Consequently, when its inhabitants decide to go their separate ways, the two units of the floating home can be detached and each spouse ends up with an independent house. Read more >>

Grand tour: the worlds most luxurious houseboat


Bedroom with under water coral reef view


It's hard to believe but the actual pictures of the worlds most luxurious houseboat are even more amazing than the artist's impression we have recently shown. Just sit back, relax and enjoy the grand tour through this 2,7 mln dollar floating home in Dubai, with exclusive pictures of the unique under water bedroom with coral reef view. Read more>>

Dubai houseboats that will make you drool


Houseboats in Dubai that will make you drool


Dubai is known for crazy, breathtaking projects like the world’s tallest building, indoor ski-slopes, manmade islands… The story about these amazing houseboats is a perfect example of the city’s extravagant ambitions in terms of real estate. Prepare for bedrooms with coral reef view and roof tops with hot tubs. Read more>> 


Dutch houseboat dream may come true in Abu Dhabi



Dutch houseboat experience shipped to Abu Dhabi


Creating floating homes, designed and built in The Netherlands, to introduce a whole new way of living in Abu Dhabi. That is the dream of the Dutch entrepreneur Berend Lens van Rijn, owner of Belevari Marine and a visionary when it comes to new ways of living on the water. Van Rijn: “We’re taking the concept of a houseboat to a whole new level.” Read more>>

Ikea’s houseboat cruise along the Thames

Ikea Houseboat


The Swedish company is celebrating the upcoming opening of the IKEA store in Reading, UK. A houseboat (husbåt in Swedish) has been sailing the Thames River from Friday 3rd June and will stop in Oxford and Reading until Thursday 30th June. IKEA has decided to underline something that Sweden and the Thames Valley have in common: living nearby water. Read more>>


Houseboat secrets in the South of France


Houseboats in the South of France


What comes first to your mind when talking about houseboats in France, is probably Paris with its péniches moored on the Seine. But this country has more to offer than the capital, such as the beautiful Southern coastal region where you can find several amazing houseboats. Read more >>


Recycled hardboard houseboat on River Thames


Cardboard houseboat


Recently a new marvel or creative thinking has come forwards. It is a cardboard houseboat that is primarily made of cardboard and starts its first journey over the broad range of River Thames. This was an extraordinary effort   and oddly it didn't sink and made its way to a beautiful spectacle. Read more>>


The ultimate houseboat for relaxing as you explore

Transformis Houseboat


When it comes to you meek accommodations, this 2.4 m expandable houseboat is like a pop-up caravan that you can take on the water. And this is news that we really wanted to share with our houseboat community - we don't see such a great innovation every day! Read more>>


"Travelling Dutch are seeking adventure again"

Houseboat holiday


The Dutch have always loved travelling. But after discovering the world and sailing the world seas in the Golden Ages they seemed to have forgotten about their adventurous past. But those days are back again, says trendwatcher Tessa aan de Stegge on the Dutch Holiday Fare ‘Vakantiebeurs’ in Utrecht. Forget the traditional hotel room and rent a houseboat! Read more>>


Hit the open water with an open road vehicle


Driving and floating houseboat RV


Hey houseboat fans! What is better than a houseboat, after renting one? Owning a houseboat that doubles as an RV. The Cool Amphibious Manufacturing International company has turned science fiction into reality. Creating the first RV that can also stay afloat on the water, they just upped the best adventure ever. Read More>>


Amsterdam at Christmas: the city of lights and houseboats


Amsterdam Houseboat


If the stress of the holidays is getting to be too much, you should consider chucking it all and escaping for Christmas this year. The good news is that it is not too late to set out on an amazing adventure at water, especially in Amsterdam. And we have some great last minute deals for you! Read more >>

The CaraBoat is the ultimate driving houseboat


CaraBoat Houseboat


For those houseboat fans that want it all, here is the brand new CaraBoat. This houseboat can be driven all through the country with the trailer, and once it's in the water she will be the perfect houseboat powered with two 30 hp outboard engines. Yes, we think it's amazing! Read more>>


Houseboats fallen dry on bottom of Rio Negro, Brazil 

Houseboats Rio Negro fall dry


Nobody knows for sure what the exact reason is, but one thing is very clear: hundreds of houseboats are laying helpless on the bottom of the Rio Negro in Brazil. This is just one of the devastating results of one of the worlds most important rivers drying up. Read more>>


Houseboat Stories: From Alabama to Oklahoma


Houseboat trip Alabama Oklahoma


River cruising is taken to a whole new level by the Cornelius brothers. In the persuit of making an unforgettable trip they built their own houseboat, customized to travel for hundreds of miles over big rivers. A story that is likely to inspire many more houseboaters around the world. Just do it! Read more>>


Houseboat Stories: The Pittsburg Ice Cream Boat


Sugar and Spice Ice Cream Truch


Having a houseboat is always a source of great stories. In this new series 'Houseboat Stories' we highlight the tales of those who really stand out in the world of houseboats. In this episode: the Sugar and Spice Ice Cream Houseboat in Pittsburg. Read more>>


5 Life saving tips to keep your houseboat safe

Houseboat safety



Living on a houseboat, or renting one for the holiday, is great fun. But always make sure you do it safe. The Vancouver houseboat fire last week reminded us of the importance of this rule! Continue to read how you can keep your houseboat safe. Read more>>


Must-see for houseboat fans: the Houseboat Museum


Houseboat Museum Amsterdam



For all those houseboat fans out there, we got an absolute must-see in Amsterdam: the Houseboat Museum. It gives you a great insight in how it was to live on a houseboat in the old days. Read More>>


WWII Concrete Barge Houseboat Renovation #5


How to destroy a houseboat


Wrecking down the complete upper floor of this houseboat, was without a doubt one of the most nerve wrecking event in the authors life. Especially because he had just renovated the lower foor... Read more>>


WWII Concrete Barge Houseboat Renovation #4

Houseboat Amsterdam renovation #4


In the previous three episodes we've followed the renovation of a Amsterdam based concrete barge, transformed into the dream houseboat. After months of hard labour it's time for the finishing toutch on the lower deck. Read more >>


WWII Concrete Barge Houseboat Renovation #3

Amsterdam Houseboat renovation


After torturing weeks of stripping down our WW2 concrete warship we were wondering what the hell we have started. However, after removing over 15.000 kilo of rubble, endless cleaning, and covering up the toxic bitumen coating, things were looking brighter... Read more >>



WWII Concrete Barge Houseboat Renovation #2

Houseboat owners organisation


In April ’14 we finally got the keys of our new houseboat in Amsterdam, the Netherlands. At first sight the interior of our concrete warship, built in England in 1943, doesn’t look too bad. Ok, the floor is a bit wobbly, the walls are made of inferior hardboard.. Read more >>



Dutch houseboat owners stand united 



Ever since mankind invented the boat, people have been living on them. As time went on, houseboats became more professional. And now there's even a national houseboat owners organisation. Read more >>



WWII Concrete Barge Houseboat Renovation #1

Amsterdam Houseboat Renovation


The most important thing when starting such a project is not to think too much about it. But make sure to think enough to make it the perfect houseboat, a home you never want to leave again. Read more >>


Power your houseboat sustainable with solar power 

Houseboat solar power


A new generation of batteries and converters might lead to a new way of looking at energy consumption by houseboat owners. Especially floating homes that are driven by electric engines will benefit from this radical change, powered by companys like Tesla and Nedap. Read more >> 



"We got the houseboat fever in the Netherlands"

Houseboat rental The Netherlands


What started as a short trip to Amsterdam, renting a houseboat just to give it a try, ended up as a 10-day houseboat experience never to forget. "Even the ducks seemed to be welcoming us on the water - never felt so much at home during a holiday." Read more >>


If you talk about Holland, you talk about houseboats

Houseboats in Holland


Houseboats are found all around the world, but the Dutchmen are without a doubt a people that have a very deep relationship with living on the water. So if you talk about Holland, you talk about houseboats. Read more >>



Ten Damme finds stranger in her houseboat

Ellen ten Damme houseboat


The Dutch artist Ellen ten Damme was scared to death when she found a clearly confused man in her own Amsterdam Houseboat. He took his own rug, moved some plants and was wearing a scarf that Van Dammes mother had knitted - stating that is was his own. Read more >>


How to discover Berlin with an electric houseboat

Hausboot Berlin mieten


What's your idea about how to discover a great city such as Berlin? Rent a bike, take a guided tour or just wonder around without knowing where to go? Jan Rademacher had quite a different idea about how his beloved city of Berlin should be discovered. Read more >>


We proudly present the safest houseboat in the world

Safest houseboat in the world


In case you have second thoughts about the safety on a houseboat, check out 'The Capsule'! This vessel is located in Ewijk, the Netherlands, and it's without a doubt the safest houseboat in the world - and it can accommodate two persons for an unforgettable stay on the water. Read more >>


Narrow boat rentals offer a wide variety of options


The perfect narrow boat


The narrowboat are the most typical boats in the UK. In this article we have a closer look at this great canal boats that are nowadays very popular houseboat rentals - and for many good reasons! Read more >>



What is the exact definition of a houseboat?

Houseboat definition


Quite often we get the question what the exact definition of a houseboat is. An interesting question, because the answer is less simple then you might think. Around the world there are various classifications for these floating homes. Let's have a good look at the exact definitions. Read more >>


Proud to present our first houseboat in Hamburg

Hamburg houseboat


If there's one place that will forever be connected with ships and boats, it's Hamburg, the second largest city in Germany. And therefore we're especially proud to present this amazing houseboat that is for rent in Hamburg. Wait no longer and find out more >>


Explore Berlin from a houseboat

Berlin Houseboat


The capital of Germany is one of the most versatile cities of Europe, and we can't think of a better way to explore it from a houseboat. Therefore we're glad and proud that we have a new houseboat rental at our platform that is perfectly suited for this job! Read more >>


Most amazing houseboats in Paris, the city of love

Paris Houseboat Rental


Paris. Ville de l’amour. When travelling to Paris, the lights, the beautiful architecture, the exquisite French cuisine, or the language that makes you melt inside easily enchants you. However, there is hidden gem to be found in Paris. Read more >>


Good question: do you get seasick on a houseboat?

Seasick on a houseboat


As houseboat enthusiasts we get quite a lot of questions about motion sickness. Today we received another message from Anna, who is thinking about renting a houseboat in Amsterdam. A good question, because you don't want your familiy to get sick during your vacation. Read more>>


Lake Powell: the ultimate houseboat destination

Houseboat Lake Powell


It’s safe to say that Lake Powell is the ultimate destination for everyone who loves freedom, amazing views and unspoilt nature. With a length over 180 miles, 2000 miles around, you can drive around without having the feeling that you’re actually in the most popular houseboat destination of the country. Read more >>


Why houseboats are a great place to stay in winter season

Houseboat rent in winter


A wide spread misunderstanding is that houseboats would not be a pleasant place to stay in the winter. And we can understand this too: a boat laying in cold water, or even ice, does not seem to be the most comfortable place to be. Read more >>


When fishing in Amsterdam, rent a houseboat in Amsterdam

Houseboat Amsterdam Fishing


Amsterdam is known for a wide variation of international attractions. The Van Gogh Museum, the Anne Frank House, the Red Light District, the 1001 coffee shops where you can legally buy cannabis, and… Fishing! Read more >>


Sausalito, the place for houseboat rentals off the beaten track

Houseboat Sausalito


When Jack Kerouac, the godfather of the beat generation, hit the road from the East to the West, he knew there was something going on in San Francisco. He loved the buzz around ‘Fran’ and was one of the first to describe Sausalito in the late 40’s, just after the Second World War. Read more>>


Paris, the city of love, good food and... houseboats!

Paris Houseboat



The capital of France is known for a lot of things, such as claim to be the city of love. And of course great food (yes, snails are just lovely to eat), and indeed: houseboats. Or 'péniches' as the French call these former cargo ships. Read more >>


Houseboat Arden: a true heaven in the busy city of Amsterdam 

Amsterdam Houseboat rental


Anyone who has read Shakespeare's 'As you like it' knows about Forest Arden, the hideout for lovers and anyone who wants to escape the busy city life. Houseboat Arden has a lot of similarities with this forest. Read more >>


Former ferry 'Loftboat Kralingen' takes you back in time

Houseboat Rotterdam


We're proud to present our newest boat on This former ferry will take you back in time, while you enjoy the Rotterdam Skyline and amazing view over the river. Read more >>