Unforgettable houseboat trip

Two brothers, one houseboat, one destination


One of the coolest things about a houseboat is that no two are ever alike. Not like spec homes in a cookie-cutter neighborhood, each houseboat is unique. One such unique houseboat was envisioned and built by two brothers who just wanted to spend some time enjoying the wide water and bonding. This is the story of a roadtrip over water from Alabama to Oklahoma.


The Blue Creek Belle is the brainstorm creation of two guys who created their “man cave” out in the open air. Complete with all the modern conveniences of home and beyond, it makes a fishing trip something spectacular.


Houseboat trip Alabama Oklahoma

The houseboat is ready for take-off, with all amanities aboard that suit a modern house. (photo: Cornelius Brothers / River Trip 2015)


What novels are made of…


Using a pontoon boat, the Cornelius Brothers handmade their own roving home. Taking off for adventures, they designed it to leave the stress and mundaneness of life in the wake of the water that travels behind. Their adventures are nothing short of what novels are made of, as they made their way across waterways and states. The brothers made sure it accommodated every need. The boat produces filtered water that is cleaner than most city facilities, movies that they can enjoy during the voyage and safety features just in case the weather is not on their side.


Six weeks on the river


Making several trips through river ways throughout past years, they have decided to hit the open waterway and go from Alabama to Oklahoma. No small feat, they are making it their personal goal to relinquish the dream-boat built to one of the brother’s son, who resides in Springfield, Missouri. Being realistic, they have given themselves six weeks to make the trek, plotting and planning to make it the safest and most enjoyable last voyage possible.


A houseboat for generations to come


Not sad about saying goodbye, they feel as if the Blue Creek Belle has served them well over the years and pray that their son/nephew will enjoy it just the same. The hope is that it will be passed down through the generations for everyone to live a life of leisure. If you want to follow their blog, go to rivertrip15.wordpress.com.


Milt at the helm - Houseboat River Trip

Milt Cornelius at the helm of his river houseboat. (photo: Cornelius Brothers / River Trip 2015)


Houseboat summary


Name: The Blue Creek Belle

Owners: The Cornelius Brothers 

Start: Alabama

Destination: Oklahoma

Official website: https://rivertrip15.wordpress.com/

Also featured in: this article in the Times Daily