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Houseboat rental France - 23 houseboats

Recommended Price: low to high Price: high to low Number of reviews Best reviewed Instant booking available
Rental from $4008 Per night
Rental from $1381 Per night
Rental from $3655 Per night
Rental from $117 Per night

Houseboat in Metz

FR, France, Lorraine, Metz 3 Sleeps, 5.0 (5)

Rental from $125 Per night
Rental from $186 Per night
Rental from $166 Per night
Rental from $365 Per night
Know a houseboat owner in France? Invite him / her and earn €200.
Know a houseboat owner in France?
Invite him / her and earn €200.
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Average rating of France: 4.9 out of 5 based on 61 reviews.

We offer 23 houseboats in France, with a total of 121 sleeps with prices ranging from NaN to NaN per night.

Viva la France!

When people say France, you will probably think of cheese, wine, escargots and baguettes. But wait a minute, this beautiful country is much more than just the delicious food it has to offer. France is one of the most populair holiday destinations because it has everything you need for a perfect vacation; you can visit the great beaches, take a tour in a vineyard, enjoy lightcity Paris or stop by many of the typical French villages. And yes of course, the gastronomy is one of France’s greatest features. From little romantic bistro’s to wine bars, little village cafes and exclusive restaurants, the food and wine will always be exquisite and mouthwatering, leaving you wanting more.


30 million tourists

The most popular attractions in France however are Eurodisney, the Eiffel Tower, the Louvre and Centre Pompidou which combined attracts a stunning number of 30 million tourists a year. All located in and around Paris, makes this city the most popular destination of France.


The cities of France

But this country has more great cities to offer. What to think of Marseille with its famous harbour, beautiful cathedrals and romantic alleys? Or why not visit Nice, where the rich and famous mingle and you can take a peek at all the big yachts that are moored here? And don’t forget Toulouse, Bordeaux and Lyon, cities that are famous for their historic buildings and churches downtown. So you see, France has much more interesting cities to offer than just Paris. Come and explore!


Au naturel

France offers a variety of different landscapes: plane grasslands, dense forests and high mountains.  Next to these there are many other beautiful spots like the white cliffs of Normandy, the lavender fields in the Provence, the lovely beaches at the Côte d'Azur and the great coasts of Bretagne.


Enjoy France from the water

The French rivers also have many great opportunities to experience the country from a different perspective. Go kayakking on the Rhone, fishing in the Seine or biking alongside the Loire. Or even better: book a boat on any of these great rivers and experience France from the water. You can even rent your own péniche; an authentic riverboat that is used as apartment. This way you will see this beautiful country from another side and see for yourself what it is like to live on the water. So why not go to Rentahouseboat.com and enjoy a holiday on the waters of France?