Houseboat Museum Amsterdam

The must-see for houseboat fanatics


For all those houseboat fans out there, we got an absolute must-see in Amsterdam: the Houseboat Museum. It gives you a great insight in how it was to live on a houseboat in the old days.


A houseboat is exactly as the name implies. A long tradition in Amsterdam, hundreds of residents have saddled up their boats and made an entire living at the canals and harbors. The uniqueness of a houseboat is not just the location that it docks; it also involves the external and internal logistics and aesthetics of the homes. Living on water is an adventure onto itself, but those who do it don’t settle for the everyday spec homes that most of us dwell in today. Over the centuries, many amazing homes on water feats have come into existence and are now on display for generations to take delight in.


Houseboat Museum Amsterdam


A houseboat from the past

The houseboat museum is something that is worthy of your time to visit. It has the history of houseboats over the centuries, as well as dwellers today, for visitors to experience. You can walk onto the rooms and get the feeling of how people lived here in the past in their buoyant existence. Some rooms are cool; some are cozy, and some are just outlandish, but they are all worthy of being put on showcase for the individuality they possess.


Full of surprises

Located on the Prinsengracht, you not only get a sense of the houseboat life, but you get to see the wonderful scenery displayed around you. The museum opened in 1997 and has continued to entertain millions who have made their way through. If you think you know everything there is to know about a houseboat, you are wrong. The way that people live on a boat at sea is not only interesting, but it is also full of lots of surprises. A very extraordinary way to live life, there are many interesting facts to learn and things that will shock you. If you are visiting Amsterdam, you would be remiss not to stop and find out about the long-standing tradition of living floating at sea.



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