How can I rent my houseboat?

Advertise your houseboat on Why? Because our team is always here to help you. is the world's leading houseboat rental platform, reaching tens of thousands of people each month. All looking specifically for a unique experience of staying on the water. We facilitate the processes of:

  • Great customer support
  • Help and advice with creating your listing
  • Getting you more bookings
  • Advertising your houseboat (on Google Ads, social media)
  • High Google ranking (top page 1)
  • Handling all financial transactions
  • Invoicing
  • Calendar synchronization
  • Possible double booking alerts
  • Add unlimited extras, like breakfast, boats or bikes
  • And much much more..!

Advertising your houseboat on our website is always free. And the best thing is: new owners don't pay any service fee during the first year!

Advertise my houseboat!

Sounds pretty good huh? But there are more great reasons to list your houseboat on

The most and the best houseboats

We offer the most complete overview of houseboats rentals from all over the world, with a top ranking in Google. This makes us a true one-stop-shop for future guests. Just do a search on "houseboat rentals Amsterdam", "Houseboat rentals Paris" or "Houseboat rentals Florida" and you will most likely find us on top of page one. This enables us to connect tens thousands of houseboat lovers and owners each month. That’s what we do, and we’re good at it!

SMS notifications

We send you an SMS notification when you receive a new booking request, besides the usual email of course. Guests will receive an SMS notification (and email) when you approve (or disapprove) their booking request. This way everybody is updated very quickly.

Instant booking

Don't want to approve a booking request first? Enable 'instant booking' and your guest can book your houseboat right away!


Do you recognize the problem that when you set a min-stay of 3 nights, gaps occur in your calendar of 1 or 2 nights? Well, we hear you. We created the gap filler. If you have gaps in your calendar shorter than your min stay, you can accept booking shorter than your min stay in such cases.

Safe and secured payments

All payments are processed by Adyen, offering a wide variety of payment options. This payment service provider checks the validity of each payment, adding extra security. We collect the payments for the houseboat owner and process the payouts 48 hours after check in, giving the guest peace of mind that everything is ok.

Lowest service fees

Listing your houseboat is totally free. We only charge a small service fee when a booking is made. We’re proud to say we have the lowest service fees in the market. The service fee for travellers varies from 6 percent to 12 percent, depending on the duration of the stay. The service fee for owners is as low as 2.5 percent. But we have a great offer: new owners don’t pay any service fee during the first year!

Easy calendar synchronization

It’s super easy to synchronize the calendar on with the calendars from other platforms. This way you’re sure that all your calendars are always up-to-date, avoiding booking requests for unavailable dates and double bookings.

Add 'Extras' and make more money

We offer the option to add as much ‘Extras’ as you want, for example breakfast, a canoe or the use of a hot tub. This is a great way to show all the amenities you’re offering and make more money out of each booking.

Great support from houseboat experts, we'll personally assist you as often as needed! is founded by houseboat owners, renting out several houseboats in Amsterdam. Juul and his team are at your service and can easily be reached by phone, mail or the chat function on the website. Always there to help you on your way or with other questions you may have.


Advertise my houseboat!