Freightship transformed into floating castle

And the winner is... Houseboat Robbedoes


The prestigious title Houseboat of the Year, awarded by the Dutch VLOT Magazine, has been won by this amazing floating Villa: Houseboat Robbedoes. Did we say floating? We actually meant 'driving', because this beauty is fully equipped and registred as a ship. So the owners can take her anywhere they want, and cross Europe with their own home! 


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The annual competition is organised by the Dutch magazine VLOT, a unique and free high-end magazine sent to (almost) all 13.000 houseboat owners in The Netherlands. The competition this year was fierce and broad. This may not be a true surprise, since The Netherlands are famous for the many thousands of houseboats that are dotted all over the country. From moored to driving houseboats, and from concrete barges to driving steel freightships and even new built non-driving ships - a new thing in the world of houseboats - battled for the title. 


Look inside the Houseboat of the Year!

However, there can be only one winner. The jury awarded Houseboat Robbedoes because of the respect they showed for the history and character of the ship during the renovation. For example: the ships' skin is used as a devider between the rooms. Also the gangway is still there, with the only difference that these passage ways are now located inside the boat instead of outside. This enables the owners to walk all through the rooms of the boat, from the bow of the boat to the back deck without going outside. Not a bad idea when you realize that this boat is docked in Amersfoort, right in the centre of rainy Holland.

Below you find an overview of this amazing ship:











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