High end houseboat design - Boathome

Meet the electric, fantastic, nomadic Boathome


The power of architecture is shown when it can lift up the viewers' perspective. When it challenges to adopt a new trend, or even a life style. At this point most houseboats are either a converted ship, or a typical floating home. We barely witness a houseboat moving steadily along the river. ‘Boathome’ is one of the rare cases making it work. Thanks to this brave concept, Boathome has been awarded to be Electric Boat of the Year 2017 by Association Française du Bateau Electrique.


By Linh Vo | Images by Boathome


The ‘Godfather’ of this idea is Guy Zins. As an engineer he designed this eco-friendly houseboat from scratch. After the conceptual design was put on paper, his daughter Sarah Zins brought this drawing into reality. Sarah is a graduate of a well–established ISEG Business School and commercial director of ‘Boathome’.

Boathome driving the river 

A high-end floating villa that takes to your next destination - that is the concept of the Boathouse.


100% electric, sustainable and autonomous


Back to 2017, Sarah Zins was facing many technical problems that had to be tackled before the goal of self-sufficiency was reached. For instance: how to make energy run sustainably and independently? The answer was found in 1,5 tons(!) of batteries stored in the floats. They grant enough power for the engines as well as all household appliances. On the roof, 15 solar panels are installed to recharge those batteries.


Solar panels collect energy for this houseboat

Solar panels collect energy for the 1500 kilos of batteries that power this houseboat.


In case the sun does not provide enough power recharging can be done by shore power outlets or using the 18 kW generator on board. ‘Boathome’ has a sewage treatment system that helps watercourse safe and a filter system to make drinkable water from the river.

6 months well spent


The first prototype took her team 9 months to complete but the duration will be cut down to 6 months for following orders. That is still quite a time to wait, but the good news is that you have enough time to study and get your driving permit. Because you will need it when drive your own ‘Boathome’ over the river.


Houseboat drivers license

If you want to drive this houseboat in France you need a driving permit. Regulations vary per country.


Sizes and rates


‘Boathome’ has been working on different potential proposals such as normal floating homes in Germany, a floating working space in Nantes, France and a floating restaurant in Dubai.


Luxury houseboat design by Boathouse

Both the size and level of finishing can be adjusted to the demands of the buyer. 


Due to the different models such as motorized version from 44 sq to 71 sq or floating houses without motors (135 sq), the price varies from 178.000 euros for original version or 390.000 euros for fully upgraded version (including 20% TVA tax).


Drive your own house

The captains seat is located at the end of the living room table - without the best place aboard if you want to be in charge of your next destination.


Don’t hesitate to say that you want to live on the water, ‘Boathome’ will make your dream come true.












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