Le Koroc: The ultimate fisherman’s houseboat


By Linh Vo


If you’re a fisherman, you probably recognize the feeling of just not wanting to get off the water at the end of a fishing trip. Well, from now on you don’t have to anymore. Owners of a ‘Le Koroc’ houseboat can stay on the water 24/7 and still enjoy a home cooked meal and a good night rest. Want to change the fishing water? Just hook your floating fishing home up to a medium sized trailer and off you go!


The ultimate fishing houseboat enables you to fish, sleep, cook, wash and move. Pretty much the fisherman's wet dream. (photo:

Le Koroc is built by Daigno, a company located in Quebec. Recently, the company has successfully built a houseboat named Le Koroc. According to the company this driving houseboat is best described as “a unique and refined craft for nature lovers and fishing aficionados.” For those anglers who can’t stop exploring the rest of the world, this houseboat will be a significant added value when getting away from hustle and bustle cities.


The three pontoons that support the house on top can reach super shallow water, which enlarges the fishing options with a great deal. (photo:


Fishing and Holiday Series

Daigno is offering two types of houseboat: the fishing series and the Holiday Series. With the configurations 24 feet long and 8 feet wide decks, the price is roughly around $60,000. This includes all basic such as kitchen area, fridge, and cupboard. Furthermore, the cabin also provides a standing shower bathroom and a bed is formed from an extendable dining table.


A comfortable double bed is built in just a few seconds. (photo:



Thanks to the smart design every square foot is used in a very useful way. (photo:


If you have more guests, another mattress will be transformed from two benches on either side. Laminated white cedar beams and ultralight plywood are chosen to be main material for the wooden cabin. Daigno also has painted metal roofing and painted aluminum windows and patio door.


The Fishing Series comes with rod holders and fish finder. (photo:


View on the steering console. (photo:


Fish from your terrace

One of the most amazing parts of Le Koroc is the front of the boat. There is a dining table for two people, a barbecue and even a fish tank. A 265 watt solar panel is installed to provide energy for the whole houseboat. Due to the customer’s expectation, Daigno will customize the houseboats but the total weight will never exceed 5000 pounds. What a light floating home!

Home away from home for any travelers who want to feel home atmosphere while they are floating in the middle of the lake


Le Koroc has a very low weight and can be transported easily with a mid-range truck. (photo:


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