Rent a houseboat while fishing in Amsterdam!

True anglers come to Amsterdam and stay on a houseboat

Amsterdam is known for a wide variety of international attractions. The 'Van Gogh' Museum, the 'Anne Frank House', the 'Red Light District', the 1001 coffee shops where you can legally buy cannabis, and… the amazing sport fishing opportunities. That’s the reason why thousands of anglers visit the ‘zander capital of the world’ every year. And when doing so, there’s no better place to stay then on a houseboat!

When doing a tour through Amsterdam with a hop-on hop-off tourist boat, there’s a good chance you’ll hear the two following questions being asked:

1) Do people really live in those floating homes?

2) Is there any fish in these canals?

Both questions can be answered with a big fat yes. The 2.500 houseboats in Amsterdam have been housing people ever since the early ‘50’s of the 20th century. The lack of cheap housing in the city center made people inventive: barges, carriers and small fishing boats were transformed into simple floating homes. Quite often very dark and moist – but at least you had a roof above your head. In the decades to come, more and more ships were towed into the city. Also the level of luxury increased: insulation improved and architecture was getting (much) better. The people living on houseboats changed quite a lot too. The original pretty much left wing inhabitants have made place for the more wealthy young professionals who appreciate this special way of living on the water.

Houseboat amsterdam fishing

Great fishing stocks

And what about the quality of the canal water? Well, it can be described as ‘very good fishing water’. Don’t be mistaken: although the color is pretty green/brown, that doesn’t mean it’s not of good quality. We would not advice to drink it, but it’s just as good as any other more clear water such as the rivers and canals. The great fishing stock in the canals prove this point: Amsterdam offers an amazing variety of fish. To name a few: perch, freshwater bream, pike, carp, roach, eel, rudd, mullet, and last but not least: the world famous zander. The zander is without a doubt the most popular fish that is targeted by anglers. Not only the size, up to 35 inch, but especially the numbers are fantastic.

Zander fishing in Amsterdam

Anglers love houseboat rentals

Taken all the above into account, it’s no surprise that anglers love houseboat rentals in Amsterdam. The opportunity to stay this close to the fish is a unique experience, highly valued by anglers from all around the world. Of course you can fish from your temporary floating home, but to increase your chances we strongly advice to rent a fishing guide. This guide will take you to the best fishing spots in and around Amsterdam quick and effortless. For fishing guides list visit UFX Fishing, and if you haven't yet decided where you will be staying, book a houseboat now!

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