Houseboat Cozy classic sailing ship Liz - Sleeps 12

Sail the waves of the Wadden and IJsselmeer with this wonderful Tjalk. Departs from Amsterdam or Muiden

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Houseboat summary

It’s possible to both book a day trip or multiple day sailing trip. If you choose to book a day trip this boat has a capacity of 30/35 people. When booking a multiple day cruise the capacity is 12. The departure port for this ship is either Amsterdam or Muiden. This can be discussed with the captain of the ship. You will be sailing in the region IJsselmeer. A captain will steer the ship, so no sailing experience is required. 

Houseboat description

The Liz is a historic sailing vessel from 1902. Don’t let her age deceive you, she is equipped with all modern conveniences. The ship is equipped and furnished with an eye for detail and quality.

Layout of the ship 

Standing on the deck you will feel like a real seaman or -woman for sure. There is lots of space to sit back and relax, enjoy an amazing time with your beloved ones while you sail the waves.  Being outside when sailing is just splendid, but there are more great places aboard.

Just descend and enter the main room below deck. Here you will find beautiful paneling, mahogany tables, copper lamps and atmospheric sitting areas. Making this ship one worth visiting. You will also find an extensive kitchen here with a 6-pit stove, two refrigerators, sink and a bar with a beer tap.

The former deckhouse has been converted, creating more space. From here you get an amazing view of the ship and the waters. Standing here will make you feel like a captain, being close to the helm. Here you can see the skipper in action. Experiencing what sailing is really about firsthand.

Immediately adjacent to the deckhouse is a sheltered, comfortable seat from which you can overlook the wooden deck and the activities that take place there. Although participating is always more fun than watching, right? All this makes this ship an unique experience you won’t soon forget about.

The six double cabins offer a lot of privacy. These are all equipped with a sink, running water, a central heating and a mirror. In the front of the ship there are also two spacious, tiled, toilets with an electric flushing mechanism and two wonderful showers.

Destinations of the Liz

With this ship you can go sailing both on the Wadden and the IJsselmeer. Let's take a closer look to both these great destinations.

The Wadden region is located between the Wadden islands and mainland Netherlands and Germany. It has been placed on UNESCO World Heritage because of it's unique character, with large parts falling dry at low tide. The area stretches over 12.000 km2; enough space to enjoy! The Wadden region is also an important fishing spot as well as a great recreational area.

The IJsselmeer was created when the Afsluitdijk was completed on 28th of may 1932. This huge artificial lake is called after the river 'IJssel' which ends in the lake. The area stretches over 1133 km2;. It’s a good place to enjoy the waters without going too far from land.

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Houseboat highlights

  • Nr of beds: 12

  • Type and length: Tjalk, 24,8 m, 5,1 m

  • Capacity day trips: 35

  • Sailing area: IJsselmeer

  • Departs from: Amsterdam or Muiden

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