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Houseboat rental Kochi - 2 houseboats

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Floating Luxury Houseboat

India, Kerala, Kochi 6 Sleeps, 6 Sleeps, (4)

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Kerala Spice Boat

India, Kerala, Kochi 4 Sleeps, 4 Sleeps, (3)

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Know a houseboat owner in Kochi?
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Floating Haven: Houseboat Holidays in Kochi, India

Kochi, located in the southwestern Indian state of Kerala, is a city renowned for its diverse history, architectural splendor, and tranquil backwaters. A prominent destination on Kerala's tourist map, Kochi is particularly famous for its unique houseboat holidays, providing an exceptional experience that perfectly marries relaxation and exploration.


Your Own Floating Sanctuary

Imagine lounging in your private floating home, the gentle lull of the water beneath you as you soak in the tranquil atmosphere of the Kochi backwaters. These houseboats, traditionally called "kettuvallams," are luxurious vessels equipped with all the modern amenities you'd expect from high-end accommodations, including air-conditioned rooms, en-suite bathrooms, and even personal chefs in some cases. Each day spent on a Kochi houseboat brings you one step closer to achieving total relaxation.


Exploring Kochi's Rich Culture and Natural Beauty

From your houseboat's unique vantage point, you can embark on a journey that takes you through the heart of Kochi's lush greenery, rice paddy fields, and local villages. Here, you'll get an up-close glimpse of Kerala’s rural life, complete with traditional fishing techniques, coconut husking, and more. Not to mention, the city's rich cultural and historical attractions, such as the Jewish Synagogue, Dutch Palace, and Chinese Fishing Nets, are easily accessible from the backwaters.


A Blend of Luxury and Simplicity

What sets houseboat holidays in Kochi apart is the unique blend of luxury and simplicity. You can enjoy the best of both worlds - the comfort and indulgence of a deluxe accommodation combined with the simple pleasures of connecting with nature and exploring local life. Whether it's watching the sun melt into the horizon from your houseboat's deck or sampling authentic Kerala cuisine prepared onboard, your Kochi houseboat holiday is sure to be an unforgettable experience.