Houseboat Tall ship 'Unity' Rotterdam - Sleeps 36

Sail with the largest sailing ship in The Netherlands, from Rotterdam to the Baltic Sea and the Atlantic!

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Houseboat summary

Sailing on the incredible tall ship Unity Rotterdam comes with endless options. Booking a day trip on the North sea or going for a journey of multiple weeks on the Baltic sea, anything is possible. For day trips this incredible vessel has a capacity of 110 people. When sailing for multiple days - all the way to the other side of the Atlantic Ocean - the capacity is 36. The ship is docked in Rotterdam, where she is a real presence. No nautical experience is required, however on multiple day trips you are expected to lend a helping hand.

Houseboat description

Get ready for an unforgettable journey with this majestic ship, the largest sailing ship in The Netherlands. The dimensions are impressive: measuring close to 60 meters in length, over 12 meters in width and an astonishing depth of 5 meters. This beautiful schooner is a genuine A-Class Ship, also known as a Tall Ship, belonging to the largest sailing ships in the world. No sailing experience is required, but you are expected to participate actively during the multiple day trips. 

Picture yourself as a crew member on a multiple day trip, leaving from Rotterdam and off to the North Sea. The impressive three masts piercing over 41 meters into the air, a total of over 1000 sqm of sails thrusting the ship forward up to an impressive 14,5 knots per hour. Yes, you are sailing one of the most wonderful ships you can imagine.

The layout of this sailing ship

There are two main seating areas on deck, one inside where up to 60 people can sit. The other is the so called 'theetuin' (tea garden in English) where up to 40 people can be seated. There are seven 2-person cabins and six 4-person cabins giving the ship a capacity of 36 for multiple day sailing.

What sailing on the Unity is like

Sailing with the Unity is something you do together. The Unity makes sailing trips for everyone in all shapes and sizes, from home port Rotterdam to an Atlantic crossing. For young people and students, the Unity organizes special sailing trips, internships and training trips. The reason for this is that giving young people the sea sailing experience, is of paramount importance to crew of Netherlands' largest three-masted schooner.

The Unity also organizes special projects and special trips for those who are about to fall by the wayside. Companies and groups can hire the ship for a private tour or event. This is one of the reasons why the Unity can continue to focus on the target. A destination of your choice, a professional, and largely voluntary crew and tasty care from the galley are the ingredients for an unforgettable journey!

Stimulate, cooperate, discipline, team spirit and perseverance, Unity!

Cruise across the river; 8 to 80 years.
Day trip at sea; 8 to 80 years.
Sailing trips; 15 to 80 years.

See you on board the Unity!

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Houseboat highlights

  • Nr of beds: 36

  • Departs from: Rotterdam

  • Sailling area: Rotterdam, North Sea, Baltic Sea, Atlantic Ocean

  • Capacity day trips: 110

  • Type & Lenght: Schooner, 60 meter

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