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Possibly the most unique, quirky and lovable place you will ever stay!

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Houseboat summary

Houseboat Dodge is the brainchild of Hamish, your host during an unforgettable experience in Shoreham-by-Sea, West-Sussex. The love that is put into this one-of-a-kind floating home can be felt in every detail. If you fancy the ordinary, please look for something else. If you're ready for an amazing houseboat holiday never to forget: please continue reading! 

Houseboat description

Let's first say that it's almost impossible to describe this houseboat in words. But let's give it a go anyway. The Dodge is a daring combination of a mooring pontoon, a lifeboat hull, a Dodge fire engine, a former WW2 Motor Torpedo Boat and countless used objects that found their final destiny aboard of this incredible vessel. The result is - believe it or not - a very comfortable holiday accommodation on the river bank of the tidal River Adur.

Or as one of the former guests puts it: "A stunning, technical creative brain is behind this Boathouse design. A great example of showing the care and love for boats and life on water, with attention to sustainability and recycling. All the material is so fantastically brought to one artistic beautiful whole. You will be fascinated to see the possibility of creating such space, it is a fascinating experience to see what can be done with creativity of what others discard."

To give you an impression of what to expect when staying here: the main bed is a boat within a boat within a boat. Before you get here, you have to enter via the WW2 Torpedo Boat called Clive. We're in the Dodge now, and you will see two double beds and a bench that can be turned into a single bed. Let's continue to the main cabin with it's cosy dining area, stove and seating It's all there, with LPG cooker, fridge and the other amenities that you may expect in any other kitchen. A look at the pics will give you a better impression than these few words.

As you most likely have seen by now, is that Hamish does not like to spend much on new materials. And we're glad that he doesn't. As he puts it: "My building style incorporates a substantive amount of reused materials and the Dodge boasts remnants of four redundant boats and a fire engine carcus from which it derives it's name."

Hamish, or one of his representatives, will be glad to show you around to the Dodge or any other vessels on his site, as long as they are safe and presentable.

Houseboat Dodge is one of the approximately 50 floating homes on the south bank of the River Adur. As you can see the boats lay in the mudflats. Dependent on the tide the boats are inundated twice a day, however it often happens that there is no tidal influx at all. The neighborhood is characterized best as a eclectic mix of vessels, often unique in a historical and/or architectural way - owned by the best neighbors you can wish for. To keep it this way, we like to emphasize that this is not a party location.

Prices on application from £60-£110/night plus agent fee.

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Houseboat highlights

  • Original and comfortable

  • Fully equipped kitchen and amazing bathroom

  • Great things to do within walking distance

  • You will have a great story to tell!

  • Amazing design

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