Fishing in Amsterdam, Paris and Berlin

Catch a true river monster from a houseboat!


As an angler you probably don’t like to make compromises: it’s all or nothing after all. That’s why you should definitely consider to rent a houseboat during your next holiday. You’ll be staying right on top of the fish, and still have your beloved friends and family around you while fishing for true river monsters. And believe it or not: the great cities Amsterdam, Paris and Berlin are the places to be!


Giant pike caught near a houseboat in Amsterdam


This 30 lb+ pike was caught just minutes away from an Amsterdam houseboat rental! (photo: / Juul Steyn)


Houseboat rentals can be found all over the world, in lots of different shapes and sizes. Some of them moored, others can be driven around and the level of luxury varies from cosy and basic to absolutely insane. But the one thing that all these floating homes have in common is that they give direct access to lots of fishing waters, often very good fishing waters.


Trolling for pike with your houseboat in Berlin

It might sound crazy, but in fact it’s not so strange at all. If you rent a houseboat with outboard engine, for example around Berlin, it’s a great way to catch monster pikes. The river Havel and the many lakes around the German capital are perfect to drive your houseboat while trolling with a big pike lure. Don’t be surprised if your persondal record gets crushed here. Check out all houseboats in Berlin.



Giant catfish between floating homes in Paris

The French capital is known as the city of love. But did you know there’s a good chance you will fall in love with the amazing fishing options this city has to offer. Besides zander and perch, you might hook a record size catfish right from your floating vacation rental. Click here to watch a 187 lb catfish being caught between houseboats on the Seine river. And check out all Paris houseboats here. 


Giant catfish on the River Seine between houseboats


This 187 lb catfish was caught between houseboats on the rivier Seine! 


Monster pike and zander from Amsterdam houseboats

Forget the red light district, forget the canabis. From now on you will think of the many amazing fishing options that the Dutch capital has to offer. The canals offer good zander and perch fishing. The open waters around the city are easy to reach with a hired fishing boat, fishing guide or (Hobie) kayak that many houseboat owners have for rent. You will be surprised how much fish you can catch in this buzzing city, and the many other places where you can stay on a houseboat. View all houseboat rentals in Amsterdam.


Capital zander fishing - houseboat amsterdam


Another reason to rent a houseboat in Amsterdam: you'll be staying on top of some amazing zander fishing spots! (photo: / Juul Steyn)


Over 200 house boats worldwide

That’s exactly the goal of Juul Steyn, fishing guide, houseboat owner and founder of, offering over 200 houseboats all over the world, “I love to share the fun of fishing and staying on the water. That’s why I started a platform that offers the best of both worlds: spending time with friends and family on the most amazing places in the world, and have the chance to catch the fish of your lifetime. 


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