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Welcome to Berlin, city if houseboats

Berlin is not only the political, cultural and economical capital of Germany, but also the undisputed houseboat capital of this country. Thanks to the many water bodies, from rivers to great lakes, there are great opportunities for an unforgettable houseboat holiday.


Berlin houseboat rentals

Rent a houseboat and you will experience what it is like to be connected with nature while enjoying time with friends and family. There are various types of houseboats available in and around Berlin. One of the most polular types are the driving pontoon boats with a real apartment on top. This way you are able to choose your own destination and truly be the captain of your vacation. On Bookahouseboat we offer house boats in the city of Berlin, for example around the famous Alexander Platz and in Friedrichshain-Kreuzberg. This is the perfect way to discover the city centre in a very unique way. On the other hand we offer a fine selection of houseboats in the Havel River (departing from Spandau) and more Eastward of Berlin in the wonderful waters around Zeuthen. Each and every stretch of water is a discovery on it's own, and it's waiting for you. 



Not only the surrounding of Berlin are a great reason to plan a holiday to this great city. Also the experience of staying on 'Hausboot' is reason in itself to rent a houseboat in Berlin. When it comes to luxury, you will be amazed by the amenities that these floating homes have to offer. Some of them even have a sauna aboard and a jaccuzi on top of the roof - now that's what we call a luxurious houseboat! 


Moored houseboats

Are you not the traveling type? No problem, we also have some fantastic moored floating homes that are steay as a rock. No worries about getting seasick or other boat related problems you might not want to be confronted with. So whatever type of holiday on the water you're looking for, we have if for you!

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