Houseboat meets RV

Hit the open water with an open road vehicle


Hey houseboat fans! What is better than a houseboat, after renting one? Owning a houseboat that doubles as an RV. The Cool Amphibious Manufacturing International company has turned science fiction into reality. Creating the first RV that can also stay afloat on the water, they just upped the best adventure ever.


If you have a family that can’t seem to agree on what to do on vacation, this may be the perfect solution. Take it for a ride around the nation, seeing all the sights imaginable, but settle occasionally on amazing waterways to sleep it off. Putting a new spin on a yacht and combining it with the ability to travel to the most far-reaching places of the world, who would have believed it was possible?


Driving and floating houseboat

One moment you're driving on the road, the next you're crossing a green field - and shortly after you're out in the open water! (photo:


Houseboat meets RV

This luxury floating RV has all the room you can imagine with modern conveniences galore. Designed to accommodate the needs of any family, it can be quite arguably the most adventurous getaway you’ve ever been on. Instead of having to stay captive on a houseboat, or only seeing land, this boat is the perfect combination of both. Easy to maneuver, all you have to do is drive it into the water, and afloat it goes.

 Floating and driving houseboat

Driving the Terra Wind is just as easy as any other RV. (photo:


Houseboat fishing

If you want to escape on your own, there is also a version that allows you to go from water to fishing. The six by 6 model looks more like a speedboat. Not as much room, it is an excellent vector for the guy who wants to hit the open water for some alone time. If you can’t make the decision whether you want to be on water or land, the good news is that you don’t have to. Rent an amphibian RV to hit the road, and water, today!