Experience Amsterdam from a houseboat this Christmas

Amsterdam at Christmas: the city of lights and houseboats


If the stress of the holidays is getting to be too much, you should consider chucking it all and escaping for Christmas this year. The good news is that it is not too late to set out on an amazing adventure at water, especially in Amsterdam. And we have some great last minute deals for you!


Houseboats offer the most spectacular holiday excursion to build memories with those you love. With events going on around the nation, the right holiday trip is just an engine search away. Actually you don't even to need to search yourself. We found the following amazing houseboat in the Amsterdam canals still available for Christmas. This is really the perfect place to stay and enjoy the Amsterdam Light Festival.


Amazing houseboat Amsterdam

This amazing houseboat in the Amsterdam Canals, in Oud West, is still available for Christmas.


Rent or be a spectator


Escape for a night, or set out for a getaway, there are many great things happening for Christmas. Festivals, light shows and holiday displays are just some of the things you can find when looking for the perfect holiday destination. With many slots available to fill, it is not only not too late, you can get a great deal to save your holiday pocketbook. Don’t worry about decorating, toast the New Year on a houseboat with your loved ones setting a course for spectacular sights.



Makes the perfect gift!

Know someone who loves hitting the open water? Purchase them houseboat inspired decor. There are some unique and fun finds for the water-home lovers on your list. whether they live on a houseboat, or just dream of a day when they might, you can give them a piece of the peaceful nature of water living. Check out these houseboats dedicated finds to send along to those you love. https://www.pinterest.com/houseboatmag/a-houseboat-christmas/




It may seem like the holidays are endless, but soon enough they are over. If you don’t take the time to enjoy them, you have to wait another whole year. Check out some cool destinations, festivals and gifts to ring in the New Year!