Houseboat bedroom with underwater coral reef view

Dubai’s incredible houseboats: 'Floating Seahorses'


Dubai is known for crazy, breathtaking projects like the world’s tallest building, indoor ski-slopes and man made islands, to name a few. The story that we are going to share with you is a perfect example of the city’s extravagant ambitions in terms of real estate. The ‘Floating Seahorse’ Project takes place in The World, an artificial archipelago shaped like the Earth’s continents. The first prototype has been unveiled last month. 


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Houseboat Dubai Floating Seahorse

Two levels are located above sea level, offering an amazing view and great luxury design. (image:


About 130 partially submerged luxury villas are to be built in a cluster of islands known as ‘the Heart of Europe’ with islands named ‘Germany’ or ‘Switzerland’. Ninety of the villas will be located at heart-shaped ‘St. Petersburg’ island. Behind this project is Kleindienst Group, the real estate developer who owns the Heart of Europe.


Houseboat Dubai Floating Seahorse during day time

The flagship of the Floating Seahorse houseboat family: the Tzar. Costing 2,7 mln dollars and offering 4000 square feet of space. (image:


Bedrooms with underwater coral reef view


These futuristic villas will vary in size but each will have three levels. There is a submerged level with underwater bedrooms and bathrooms where guests will have the pleasure to admire the marine life. Actually, the Floating Seahorse Project owes its name to the endangered species. Under the luxury villas seahorses will have a protected area with artificial coral reef where they can live and breed safely. Not only is it a jaw-dropping view, but it is also an honorable gesture for the environment.


The bedroom with coral reef view

Unique, amazing, awesome: the houseboat with aquarium view from your bedroom below sea level. (image:


Wining and dining at sea level, hot tub on top


The sea level accommodation hosts modern and comfortable amenities: a kitchen, dining area, floor to ceiling windows, a sundeck, and even a plunge pool. 

And the cherry on top of the cake: the upper level has its own mini-bar and hot tub. Guests who have the chance to stay on these floating homes will absolutely not feel alone and isolated: each villa provides a WiFi connection and the latest technology like apps for remote controlling and other nice gadgets.


View from the Dubai houseboat living room

View on the terrace from the sea level living room. Not quite an average houseboat is it? (image:


Amazing 2,7 million dollar houseboat


Plans for the villas were first released last year. The first prototype has been unveiled a few weeks ago. It is estimated that 50 floating seahorses will be completed by the end of the year. After successfully selling out the first two editions of the 'Floating Seahorse' (the original ones and the Signature Edition), the 'Heart of Europe' presented the third phase of their project: the Tzar Edition. The largest villas should be around 4000 square feet and the most expensive ones should cost around 2,7 million dollars. 


The bathroom of the Dubai houseboat

Artist impression of the bathroom, overlooking an artificial coral reef in Dubai. (image:


Innovations like this are what makes Dubai so special and appealing to tourists. Moreover, the project is so breathtaking that the 'Kleindienst Group' has caught the attention of investors from Saudi Arabia, Maldives, Seychelles, the Caribbean and Norway. 


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