Exclusive pics of most luxurious houseboat

A grand tour through the 2,7 mln dollar Dubai houseboat with under water view bedroom


The artists impressions of the most exclusive houseboat in Dubai - and probably the world - were already amazing, but the first photo's are just mind blowing. We'll walk you through the boat from the sundeck with a one-ofa-kind hot tub to the master bedroom that is located under water level and offers the most jaw dropping view you have ever seen. Sit back, relax and be amazed by this state-of-the-art houseboat design.

Hot tub on roof of luxury Dubai houseboat


The hot tub on the roof of this houseboat is furnished with a 'vulcano style' hard wood finishing: unique, daring and refreshing. (photo: Kleindienst Group/BookaHouseboat.com)


Dubai houseboat sun deck


The sundeck is just one of the many places on this houseboat to enjoy all the good things that living on the water has to offer. (photo: Kleindienst Group/BookaHouseboat.com)


View from the living room of luxury houseboat in Dubai


The two large sliding glass walls offer a superb view on the large terrace and the water surface. (photo: Kleindienst Group/BookaHouseboat.com)


Dubai houseboat with aquarium view from bedroom


The master bedroom is the master piece of the Floating Seahorse houseboat: it offers a unique view on the ever changing water world under the cobalt blue surface. (photo: Kleindienst Group/BookaHouseboat.com)


Bedroom view from most luxury houseboat in Dubai


Picture yourself laying down here with you beloved one? (photo: Kleindienst Group/BookaHouseboat.com)


Master bedroom of the luxurious Dubai houseboat


The kingsize bed in the bedrooms offers so much more than just a good night sleep. (photo: Kleindienst Group/BookaHouseboat.com)


Underwater bathroom with aquarium view


Bathing belowe sea level while marine life takes a quick peek. Don't be shy and get a good bottle of champagne to celebrate life! (photo: Kleindienst Group/BookaHouseboat.com)


The Floating Seahorse houseboat in her full glory


The Floating Seahorse takes the concept of houseboating to a new level. (photo: Kleindienst Group/BookaHouseboat.com)


Luxury houseboat with a stairway to heaven


On this houseboat you may be assured that every detail has been taken care of. (photo: Kleindienst Group/BookaHouseboat.com)


The kitchen of this houseboat is fully equipped with high end amenities.


The kitchen is supplied with high end amenities only. (photo: Kleindienst Group/BookaHouseboat.com)


Climate control on houseboat in Dubai


Detail of the latest technology that is integrated in the hard wood walls. (photo: Kleindienst Group/BookaHouseboat.com)


Most luxurious houseboat in the world is found in Dubai


The Floating Seahorse houseboat, brought to you by Kleindienst Group, in all her glory. (photo: Kleindienst Group/BookaHouseboat.com)


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