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Dutch Houseboat owners stand united


The oldest recorded historic document states that in the year 1652, there were already people living on the water in Amsterdam. One can easily imagine, that people have been living on boats for as long as humans and boats exist. As time moved on, things got more professional. In the Netherlands there’s even a national organization for houseboat owners!


There is no clear record from when boats were being used just as houses, instead of a means of transportation.What we do know, is that living on the water is now considered as comfortable, unique, and often utterly stylish. When asked, a houseboat owner would happily admit that a houseboat owner is a one-of-a-kind type of person, different from the average Joe living in an apartment on shore.


Above: the members of the LWO are supported in various ways, both with legal and practical advice to keep living on the water affordable and attractive.


National Houseboat Organisation LWO

In The Netherlands, houseboat owners have united themselves in an organization that pursues the interests of people that are living on a houseboat. The LWO’s stands for ‘Landelijke Woonboten Organisatie’, roughly translated as the ‘National Association of Houseboats’. It’s goal is to make sure that living on the water remains affordable, pleasant, and possible. With stricter housing rules and regulations becoming more present in Dutch society, an organization like the LWO seems necessary. According to the association, houseboat owners in the Netherlands are more often being confronted by bureaucratic overload, increasing prices for moorings, more additional costs, etc. For houseboat enthusiasts, it becomes increasingly difficult to maintain that enthusiasm.


Broad support 

Luckily, the LWO aims to support the houseboat owners in every way possible. Whether this is with financial, legal, or technical aid; the LWO wants to help the houseboat owner in need. The LWO consists entirely out of volunteers, and has an extensive network of professionals who can do their part. By communicating between houseboat owners and national, regional, and local government, the LWO tries to protect the interests of the Dutch houseboat owners.

Its interesting to see that houseboat owners in the Netherlands are united in certain specific interest groups. This gives you an insight in how houseboat owners feel different form ‘normal’ people living ashore. And honestly, who wouldn’t want to try out the houseboat experience?


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