Jan's idea about discovering Berlin with a houseboat

Handcrafted houseboat to discover Berlin


What ways are there to fully experience a city’s potential? Take a city hike, rent a bicycle to explore the various parts of the city, or do a guided walking tour perhaps? Jan Rademacher, or ‘the Admiral’ as his friends call him, had a different idea when it came to exploring ‘his’ Berlin. From his workplace in Köpenick, he and his crew carefully built four identical self-driving houseboats. Available for rent in the Berlin area, his houseboats are the primary ingredient for a one-of-a-kind Berlin holiday.


Jan’s houseboats are as unique, as they are simple. Basics such as a camping toilet and a small kitchenette allow the four brave sailors to embark on their journey in the Berlin area. The houseboats are equipped with an electric engine, enabling you to drive the houseboat through the quiet natural protected waters. The backwaters of Berlin are near endless. You will find a secluded beach, a deserted industrial area, or promenades artfully sprayed with grafitti; one hundred percent Berlin-style.


Hausboot Mieten Berlin


From Kreuzberg to Potsdam

Jan and his crew can give you outstanding advice on where to drive your houseboat. Whether you want a small trip to Kreuzberg, or a longer one all the way to Potsdam; everything can be arranged and discussed. It’s all about being away on the water, with only your friends and yourself. On your journey you will meet a variety of other friendly sailors, with whom you can share your experiences. Enjoy the peaceful surroundings of the Berlin backwaters while enjoying a sunset. Afterwards, you can always return to the city center and discover what buzzing Berlin will bring you for the evening!


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