Don’t miss the houseboat this winter!

5 Things to do when renting a houseboat in Amsterdam this winter

You might think that Amsterdam winters are long and cold, but you're wrong. These months are sparkling with light and energy - making it one of the most interesting destinations. Here is a list with cool things to do in Amsterdam during January, February and March.

Images by Maarten Brante

1) Amsterdam Lightfestival (till January 21st)

Rent a houseboat during the Amsterdam Light Festival 2018

If you book a houseboat during the Amsterdam Light Festival, you are assured to have a unique and unforgettable experience. (Photo: Maarten Brante)

Staying at a houseboat between November 30th and January 21st is a truly unique experience thanks to the Amsterdam Light Festival. Numerous art works on the canals, some right in front of our houseboats, enlighten the city. For 7 weeks on an end, these pieces of art are ‘set on fire’ between 17.00 and 23.00 Without a doubt one of the most unique ways to experience Amsterdam during the winter period.

Visit website of the Amsterdam Light Festival

Available houseboats in Amsterdam during the Amsterdam Light Festival (select required dates)

2) Body Worlds in Amsterdam (every day in 2018)

Body Worlds Rent a Houseboat Amsterdam

Enter a world that you have never seen before: the world of the human body. (Photo: Maarten Brante)

The fact that you are interested in staying on a houseboat, means you are curious by heart. Therefore you will most likely love Body Worlds. This amazing exhibition in Amsterdam is a true celebration of the human body. The bodies of those who donated themselves to science, are prepared in an amazing way and give a unique insight in the human body. It is interesting for the general audience, and even gives new information for professionals in health care. Open every day, all year round!

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Available houseboats in Amsterdam during the Amsterdam Light Festival (select required dates)

3) Valentine’s Day – Welcome to your ‘Love Boat’ (Feb 14)

Valentines Day Amsterdam - Don't miss the houseboat!

Make sure to book your houseboat in time for next Valentine's day in Amsterdam! (Photo: Maarten Brante)

No better place to spend Valentine’s Day 2018 then on a houseboat in Amsterdam. Yes, no matter which floating home you will surprise your beloved one with, it will be your personal Love Boat for sure. We still have a wide selection of houseboats available, but demand is high. So be quick, or you will miss the boat!

Available houseboats in Amsterdam around Valentine’s Day

4) Banksky: Laugh now (until May 31st)

Amsterdam is the proud host of the exhibition ‘Laugh now’, showing 50 original pieces of street-art legend Banksky. The Moco museum is displaying all his famous works like Laugh Now, Barcode, Girl with Balloon, Kids on Guns, Pulp Fiction, Flower Thrower, Monkey Queen, Kate Moss, Bomb Hugger, Soup Can and many more. We think a street art exhibition is the perfect change of scenery during a houseboat holiday in Amsterdam!

Available houseboats in Amsterdam during the Banksky - Laugh now exhibition 

5) Hiswa Amsterdam Boat show (March 7 – 11)

Rent a houseboat during Hiswa 2018

Really want to impress your business partners? Rent a houseboat during Hiswa 2018! (Photo: Maarten Brante)

When visiting the Amsterdam Boat Show Hiswa, make sure to stay in style and amaze your business partners: rent a houseboat! No matter what your taste is, with the wide selection of converted ships, barges and even floating villa’s, you are sure to find something that suits your needs. And why not take a water taxi to go to the venue, and hit town afterwards? If you can imagine it, we can make it happen!

Visit the official website of the HISWA Amsterdam Boat Show 

Available houseboats in Amsterdam during the Hiswa Amsterdam Boat Show