Self elevating electrical floating houseboat villa

ARKUP's houseboat beats nature in style

Climate change and scarcity of space in urban areas inspired ARKUP, an ‘avant garde live on the water company’ to rethink the concept of houseboats. The result is the livable yacht: a high-end floating, self elevating and electrical powered villa that can withstand floods, tidal water level changes and even category 4 storms.

Artist impressions: ARKUP

Storm proof houseboat anchor system

The self-elevating lift system makes the houseboat invulnerable for wind, waves and rapid changing tides and floods. 

The two masterminds behind this new concept are the Frenchman Nicolas Derouin and Dutch water architect Koen Olthuis of Although the latter operates from Amsterdam, the houseboat capital of the world, the ‘livable yacht’ is specifically designed for Florida, USA. This area is popular amongst houseboat fans, but also faces frequent storms. An unique automated hydraulic jack-up system enables you to anchor and lift up the houseboat, making it invulnerable for waves, strong currents and storms up to category 4.

The storm proof houseboat on a perfect spot

This is what the future of houseboating looks like. 

A houseboat for upscale buyers

The design and technical aspects of the boat seem foremost practical. However, the architects focus specifically on the luxury Miami market.
Water architect and co-founder Otlhuis of ARKUP: “We are the first to market an “à la carte” product for upscale buyers, bringing major innovations to a simple concept. This way we make an off-grid 'blue dwelling' one-of-a-kind vessel to enjoy 365 days a year!”

High end houseboat for the Miami market

The design of the houseboat appeals to the demanding high-end buyers market of Miami. 

ARKUP differentiates with electric propulsion to address mobility and an automated hydraulic jack-up system to ensure comfort and hurricane resilience. To achieve its sustainability objectives they designed a 100% solar powered recreational vessels, integrating rainwater harvesting.

Electric propulsion on solar power

The floating villa is powered by solar power electrical propulsion. 

Co-founder Nicolas Derouin about the versatility of the livable yacht: “You can use it as primary residence or as a ‘mobile’ vacation home. Our livable yachts are multi-purpose: a promotional or event venue, restaurant or gym, you can even turn it into a spa! ARKUP’s livable yachts are primarily designed for the coastline specifics of Florida, and Miami waters specifically, but are adaptable worldwide to local context.”


The multi-purpose design enables you to use the houseboat both as a primary residence and a floating holiday home.

The living room on the lower floor, just above water level. 

Impression of the kitchen. Note that the large windows create a light and bright atmosphere aboard. 

The bedrooms can be located on the top floor, giving a majestic view over the water. 

Impression of the bathroom. 

The master bedroom of the houseboat. Not bad to wake up with the Miami coastline view from your bed.

Can you picture yourself and your beloved ones spending another great day on the water?

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