Lake Powell is without a doubt the ultimate houseboat destination

Lake Powell, the ultimate houseboat rental destination

It’s safe to say that Lake Powell is the ultimate destination for everyone who loves freedom, amazing views and unspoiled nature. With a length over 180 miles and 2000 miles around, you can drive for hours without having the feeling that you’re actually in the most popular houseboat destination of the country. The perfect cool blue water, amazing beaches and fantastic sport opportunities are just a few reasons to plan a trip to this wonderful lake.

Many will enjoy the beauty and the solitude of Lake Powell. Others will like the variety of water recreation the area has to offer. Fishing for example. Of course there’s crappie, bluegill, channel catfish, brown trout and rainbow trout, but did you know Lake Powell is famous for striped bass too? Want to know more about this? Check out Waynes Words, a great source of information when it comes to fishing Lake Powell for stripers, and protecting the lake from the invasive quagga mussels. 

Fishing from a houseboat

And what’s a better place for an avid angler to stay then on a houseboat? Exactly, there isn’t one! Just like the variety of fish, there’s also a wide variety of choice when it comes to driving houseboats. You can for example drive in style on the Odyssee, a perfect vessel to enjoy quality time with both your friends an family, and also to have a great day of fishing. Just take a small boat with you and you’re as flexible as can be - get out there and find the best fishing spots. And when you're back at the houseboat why not cast a line while enjoying a cool drink and telling great stories about the big one that didn't get away?

Most luxurious houseboat ever

Not really into fishing, and looking for something more exquisite? Maybe something like the most over-the-top houseboat with an amazing level of luxury? Let’s say the ultimate houseboat vacation experience? We’ve got it for you: rent the Axiom Star houseboat and you will experience traveling like a god. We’re not afraid to say it: this is the most luxurious houseboat ever!

Lake Powell Houseboat Rental

Water fun for everyone

With a shoreline that’s longer than the total West Coast of the States, Lake Powell has something to offer for everyone. So get out there, and be amazed by the fantastic red rock scenery, the endless options when it comes to water fun, and just get away from it all. Enjoy life, come to Lake Powell and rent a houseboat!