Houseboat rentals in Hamburg - a great match!

This Hamburg houseboat is the perfect floating home for holiday or business trip

If there’s one place in Germany where boats have played a major role, it’s Hamburg. Ever since the city was founded in the ninth century trading ships have set sail to this ever expanding harbor, making it the second largest city of Germany overtime. Therefore it’s quite remarkable that it has taken some time before the first houseboats from Hamburg arrived on our website. But that time has come, and we’re proud to present our first Hamburg houseboat rental on our platform.


Even before you have entered this floating home, you know this is something special. The outdoor design is futuristic and its contemporary style is integrated in the whole concept of the houseboat. A spacious living room gives a wonderful view over the water, and at the same time the large windows allow lots of light back into the boat. This brings us to the core inspiration of the design: light, water and clear forms. All resulting in the perfect place to start exploring the buzzing city of Hamburg.


 Hamburg houseboat rental


Business and leisure

A Hamburg houseboat is a great place to enjoy quality time with friends and family. Your own private getaway in a busy city. Especially because of the fantastic 25 sqm roof terrace that gives a great view over the canal. If you’re in Hamburg for business, this floating beauty is also the perfect place to stay and relax. You can enjoy the large bedrooms with luxury king size beds, which guarantee a good night sleep. The dining area is a great place to have a good meal and prepare for any important business meeting you might have. After closing that major deal, the roof terrace is without doubt the perfect location to open a bottle Champagne and celebrate with your colleagues.


High-end amenities

A boat of this level deserves to be finished with only high-end amenities. Therefore it provides two large flat-screen TVs with cable TV, an audio set to stream your music to, and a fully equipped kitchen with top-notch equipment. You might think this houseboat is for summer time only, but actually the contrary is true: the boat has floor heating so the place is very comfortable even when a thick layer of ice covers the water.


So the next time you’re planning to pay this wonderful city a visit, check the availability of this wonderful ‘Hausboot’ in Hamburg!



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