Berlin Houseboat Rental

Explore Berlin and it’s riverviews from a houseboat!


Sitting in your comfortable chair, enjoying being with friends and family in the living room while the energizing city of Berlin is passing by. And just one hour ago you were floating in the amazing nature that the Templiner See by Pottsdam has to offer. That’s all possible thanks to our newest houseboats that give you more opportunities that you have ever imaginged.


Basically this houseboat rental in Berlin offers the best of both worlds: you have all the comfort that a modern apartment has to offer while you can drive wherever you want at a comfortable speed. And the best of all: you can be the captain of this boat, even if don’t have a license to drive a boat!

 Berlin Houseboat Rental

Berlin from a houseboat

While most boats in the major houseboat cities are moored and can’t be driven around, this boat is really designed to be used as a boat. This way it offers a unique way of exploring the city and even the wide area around. Just step aboard and go wherever you want to go.

A route that you actually must do, is the city route over the River Spree that will show you Berlin from a unique view. There are many spots where you can park your floating home and go sight seeing. Of course you will pay a visit to the Berlin Wall, the Rechstag building, and the famous Berlin Zoo. But also take your time to dwell around in the popular district Friedrichshain.


Constant changing views

After one or two inspiring days in the city of Berlin, you will surely appreciate the wonderful surroundings of the city. And we can’t imagine a better way to explore these from your private floating house. Choose one of the many routes around the city and off you go.

Head North over the Rheinsberg and the Kleinseenplatte all the way up to the Havelberg, or go West to the famous Wannsee, Pottsdam or even further to the city of Brandenburg. All these routes will keep you busy for several days in a very comfortable way.

So if you want to discover the capital of Germany and it’s surroundings in a unique way, we can only advice this fantastic designed Berlin Houseboat.