The most amazing houseboats in the city of love

Paris: the city of love, and the city of the péniche

Paris. Ville de l’amour. When travelling to Paris, the lights, the beautiful architecture, the exquisite French cuisine, or the language that makes you melt inside easily enchants you. However, there is hidden gem to be found in Paris. These secrets lay on the river Seine, twisting through the heart of Paris. The French call it a péniche, authentic riverboats often built by the Dutch, now used as mostly luxurious apartments in the river Seine, floating gently among the stone architectural masterpieces of Paris.

Spacious alternative

Because let’s be honest: sleeping on a boat adds a special something to your holiday experience. Whereas a standard hotel room (maybe not counting the Paris Ritz), offers you solely a place to sleep, a houseboat, or in this case a péniche, makes your stay an exceptional one. Besides the unique experience, sleeping on a houseboat in Paris has more advantages. Since the Seine crosses the city directly, you are always in the heart of Paris. Whether this is near the Notre-Dame, or more close to the Eiffel Tower. Also, renting a péniche gives you a more spacious alternative to a standard room or apartment.


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Houseboat Paris

Private terrace, not so bad!

And what about the summer? When all the terraces in Paris are crowded with locals and tourists? You can choose to escape the roaring buzz of the city for a moment: enjoy your private Parisian moment on the terrace, which many houseboats in Paris have. Have lunch with a glass of wine, sit back, and take in the surroundings that make Paris one of the greatest cities on the planet. 


Three great houseboats

So the next time you plan to visit Paris, you should definitely think about renting a houseboat. We're glad to give you three suggestions. The first boat is the 'Classic Paris Péniche', a tradttional former freight boat that is located in the 8th arrondissement, right next to a bridge. It does not get more romantic then this, sipping a wine on the sun deck watching over the River Seine.

Another lovely place is the Unique Barge On The Seine, and unique it is! Watchin directly over the Eifel Tower it is located at walking distance of many historical and cultural sites. The Notre Dame, la Bastille, Jardin du Luxembourg, Des Invalides, Le Marais are situated all within walking range.

Last but not least you should absolutely have a look at the Luxury Paris Houseboat, very convenient located at a stones throw of the Bois de Boulogne. Just have a look at the great interior and you know what we mean when we talk about the city of love. 


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