Meet the Transformer Houseboat

The ultimate houseboat for relaxing as you explore

When it comes to you meek accommodations, this 2.4 m expandable houseboat is like a pop-up caravan that you can take on the water. And this is news that we really wanted to share with our houseboat community - we don't see such a great innovation every day!


Although it might seem like the ultimate dream for adventuring travelers, when the owner of this sunshine Coast travel company finish off with her first trip to Australia, she wanted to make a new vehicle for exploring Australia's coast. Between her and her husband it took them three months to design and research the craft and in over a year to build it.


Transformis Houseboat

When expaned, the sliding walls of this houseboat offer about 1,5 meter extra width. (photo:


True transformer houseboat

The project has been seven years in the making and since that time the “transformer houseboat" has gained a lot of attention. While on the outside it looks like a typical pontoon boat, the full-size trailer on the water is fully functional and absolutely inspirational.

The materials employed on this houseboat were mostly alloys and plastics for salt water and some resistance as well as light construction. The goal was to create a craft that would be a comfortable home as well as a functional watercraft.


Expanding luxury

The inspire is the end of this vision. It can be transported on land the multiple marinas, it expands to about 1.5 times its width out of the water and it features many luxurious touches. The craft is in the water near Noosaville today and the owner suggests that a slightly smaller version of the craft might cost somewhere around $160,000 to produce.

While this houseboat certainly carries a price tag of a small home there aren’t too many homes that you can just pick up and put on the water if you wanted to go for a nice cruise.

Although the Inspire may not be the type of home anyone would want it just goes to show what can be accomplished if a creative designer has a vision in mind. The inspire really is the ultimate DIY expandable houseboat.

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