Cardboard houseboat made of recycled cardboard

Houseboat made of recycled materials on the River Thames


Recently a new marvel or creative thinking has come forwards. It is a cardboard houseboat that is primarily made of cardboard and starts its first journey over the broad range of River Thames. This was an extraordinary effort   and oddly it didn't sink and made its way to a beautiful spectacle.


With every passing day, we see a new achievement and successful scientific experiments in the world of houseboating. There is simply no limit to the new adventures and experiments with floating homes.


The crew and camerateam driving the cardboard houseboat.

The crew and camera team driving the cardboard houseboat, completely made of recycled materials, on the River Thames.

Waste floats the boat

This is different kind of boat known to be classified as the makeshift boat and considered to be the first of its kind, was originally designed by Harry Dwyer and Charlie Waller. The concept of this boat was to build it using recycled material that is of no use. The boat was named This Way Up, was used to attract television presenter but the main idea of designer Kevin McCloud was to engage media trough his way to Grand Designs Live.


Sail to the grand show

Kevin McCloud no doubt used an unusual kind of conveyance to reach this year’s Grand Designs Live show but we have to say sailing to this event in a houseboat just made of cardboard show serious commitment.

The British designer captained the complete sea cardboard houseboat. It was made over a time of a week, made of a completely recycled material that has two bunks, a kitchen, windows, and an anchor. Mr. Dwyer and Mr. Waller, who owned an Aircraft Workshop, which is a business that runs on a concept of making products using waste materials. It was first planned on a computer with proper design and then a prototype was built. At the final stage, the complete boat was then waterproofed with polish and a motor was fitted to make it in working condition.


Cardboard is surprisingly useful

The boat was capable of taking both its makers and the TV broadcaster easily across the water. Their photos and videos were seen all over the social platform where different images of them wandering on a boat can be seen. In a recent video saying, the creators appealed that cardboard is a useful material for making different sort of prototypes as it can be built easily and can be done quickly. The video presented the brilliant duo confiscating big parts of cardboard from recycling bins, which was later used to make the prototype.


New culture in designing houseboats

McCloud told to the news channels: “There is a new culture in design and manufacturing, which is looking at waste and saying: ‘Why are we chucking this stuff away when it’s such a fantastic resource and we can reuse it?’”

Different photos were seen where the three of them nodding down the river. McCloud can be seen sitting in front and enjoying with a cup of tea. Mr. Dwyer and Mr. Waller have a determined idea to take the houseboat through the English Channel next year.

The boat will be displayed at Grand Designs Live 2016. The event is centered about new invention with 3D printers and unusual builders and architects displaying at this event. This exhibition is held the ExCel Centre and goes on until 8 May.