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Houseboat rental Australia - 1 houseboat

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Rental from $342 Per night
Know a houseboat owner in Australia? Invite him / her and earn €200.
Know a houseboat owner in Australia?
Invite him / her and earn €200.
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Average rating of Australia: 5 out of 5 based on 1 review.

We offer 1 houseboat in Australia, with a total of 6 sleeps with prices ranging from NaN to NaN per night.

Discovering Down Under: An Unforgettable Houseboat Holiday in Australia

Australia, known for its diverse landscapes, vibrant cities, and unique wildlife, offers countless experiences to visitors. Yet, one of the most unique and serene ways to explore this beautiful country is by living on a houseboat.


Sail the Majestic Murray River

The Murray River, Australia's longest, offers a fantastic route for your houseboat adventure. Winding through various states and territories, the Murray River treats travelers to an ever-changing landscape of breathtaking cliffs, lush vineyards, and quaint towns.


Comfort and Freedom in Your Floating Home

Australian houseboats are designed for your comfort, ensuring a cozy and luxurious experience. They provide a perfect mix of relaxation and adventure, allowing you to dictate your holiday pace. Wake up to serene waters, enjoy breakfast with stunning views, and wind down your day under the Southern Hemisphere's star-studded sky.


Encounter Diverse Australian Wildlife

Living on a houseboat also provides you with an opportunity to witness Australia's diverse wildlife up close. As you sail along the Murray River, you might spot kangaroos hopping along the banks, koalas nestled in gum trees, and vibrant bird species fluttering about.


Explore Australian Culture and Cuisine

Docking your houseboat at various river towns presents an opportunity to delve into Australia's rich culture and history. Visit local museums, wineries, and art galleries, and get a taste of the delicious Australian cuisine, famous for its fresh seafood and exquisite wines.


The Outdoor Adventure Awaits

A houseboat holiday also offers plenty of outdoor activities. Engage in water sports, enjoy fishing, take riverside hikes, or just bask in the sun on your deck.