Houseboat Spacious clipper 'Posedeia' - Harlingen

The Posedeia is a very spacious sailing boat, which makes it a perfect ship for large groups!

  • The kitchen
  • The spacious salon
  • Two-person cabin
  • Four-person cabin
  • The kitchen
  • The spacious salon
  • Two-person cabin
  • Four-person cabin
  • The shower
  • The toilet room
  • Enjoy the sailing trip on deck
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Houseboat summary

The Posedeia is a large sailing ship with excellent sailing qualities. The clipper has a length of 36 meters and is very stable. On day trips, up to 50 people can sail along. On multiple day trips, we have room for 32 people. The sailing area of the Posedeia consists of the IJsselmeer and the Waddenzee.

Houseboat description

The Posedeia is the perfect ship for large groups of friends, colleagues or families who are looking for a great experience. On board, you will experience a cozy and friendly atmosphere. The boat has a great appearance, as well as on the outside as on the inside. On deck, a cockpit with comfortable benches is located. Below deck, a salon is present. The salon is very spacious. Because of the many characteristic windows, the salon is very bright. There is an open galley with bar. A perfect spot to have a drink with your fellow sailors!

Next to the salon, the cabins are located. In total, 14 spacious cabins are present: twelve 2-person cabins and two 4-person cabins. In every cabin, a sink is present. There are four separate toilets and two separate showers present.

The Posedeia can be rent for different types of trips. You can rent the ship for an afternoon, the whole day, a midweek, a weekend or for a whole week.

We offer great catering. You can choose from different packages. It is also possible to use the fully equipped kitchen and cook your own meals.

Sailing experience is required.

Note: prices depend on your personal requests, duration etc, so please make an inquiry and we will get back to you with a detailed proposal on short notice!


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Houseboat highlights

  • The ship has good sailing qualities

  • A ship with a beautiful appearance

  • A perfect clipper for large groups

  • Below deck, a bright and cozy salon is present

  • Very spacious ship

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