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Frisia, beautiful land of lakes, wind and sea! Generally called “Friesland” by the Dutch and “Fryslân” by the proud inhabitants themselves, the northern Dutch province of Frisia is the largest in the Netherlands and one of the least densely populated. Known for it’s spacious calmness, taking a closer look at the province of Friesland – home of star model and proud Frisian Doutzen Kroes - reveals it to be a true horn of plenty.


Beneath it’s blue and grey firmament, Friesland is a water sports Walhalla. You can take your classic sailing vessel from picturesque old cities like Harlingen or Makkum and explore the Wadden Sea, a UNESCO biosphere reserve, or go even further onto the North Sea. Closer to home, you can sail Friesland’s many lakes and canals.  These run trough National Parks such as the “Alde Feanen” and little medieval cities like Sneek and Grou.


Houseboat destinations in Friesland

With so much water running through this province, it’s quite logical to find many wonderful destinations where you can rent a houseboat. For example in the natural reserve ‘De Alde Feanen’ close to Grou where you can enjoy the vast freen fields and water all around you from this luxury Frisian houseboat. And of course there’s the famous city if Sneek, the water sports capital of Friesland where you can rent both moored and driving houseboats. Furthermore we offer an amazing lifeboat in Harlingen, a picturesque city at the West-coast of the province. Last but not least we’re proud to offer some lovely house boat rentals in the villages of Jirnsum and Easterein.


Things to do in Friesland

When renting a houseboat in Friesland, you may be assured of lots of opportunities to enjoy yourself. Especially if you’re into water sports. You can kitesurf, blokart, windsurf, Stand up paddle board (SUP), waterski, go canoeing or do some excellent fishing. Basically every sport or activity involving water and wind are readily available all throughout Friesland.


A very special one in the water sports category is Tidal Flat Walking on the bottom of the Wadden Sea. The sand flats in the Wadden Sea become exposed at low tide which makes it possible to walk freely on the sea floor and observe the protected biosphere from closeby. You can even take guided walking tours to some of the Wadden Islands off the Friesland coast, that are normally only reachable by ferry.


The Wadden Islands

The Wadden Islands, such as Terschelling, Ameland or Vlieland, are special destinations in their own right. They have cosy little villages among sand dunes, beaches and little patches of forest. They are known in The Netherlands for their feeling of warmhearted seclusion. You’re actually going just around the corner but have this wonderful sense of being away from any worries. Great for a short break to get away from it all.


Visit Leeuwarden

Amidst this beautiful land lies its proud old capital of Leeuwarden. Unfortunately there are no houseboat rentals in Leeuwarden, but it’s definitely worth to visit this lovely city. To walk it’s streets, admire it’s old buildings and taste it’s atmosphere is a joy in itself. The Fries Museum is one of the city’s highlights with a beautiful building and great expositions on art and local history. 

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