Houseboat La Toue Reine

You can now feel like a real shipper while sleeping on this incredible houseboat, moored on the banks of the beautiful Loire river.

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Houseboat summary

Moored on the banks of the incredible Loire river, a UNESCO world heritage site, this amazing houseboat will make your dreams come true. This 'toue cabanée' is a traditional Loire boat replica, used in the beginning of the 20th century to navigate the Loire.  


From this amazing boat, you can discover the wilderness and its marvelous landscapes. You have an amazing view both from the deck and the living room. You will fall asleep while being rocked gently by the river.



Houseboat description

The boat can host two adults, and two children over 10 years old. From the living area you can also observe a lot of birds, and even the special Loire eagle. During the day, the deck of the boat offers you a nice and sunny space for breakfast or lunch. There is also a kitchen and a modest bathroom with a shower and bio-toilets available on the boat, so you can extend your stay over a longer period of time. The boat is moored on the banks of the Loire, between La Chapelle aux Naux, and Bréhémont's Port. The boat has electric power provided by solar panels!

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Houseboat highlights

  • Kitchen and bathroom on board

  • Amazing surroundings

  • Incredible nature around you

  • Replica of authentic Loire riverboat

  • Comfortable for two adults and two children

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