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Wonderful floating Caravan in Müritz Germany

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Houseboat summary

Situated in on of the most beautifal watersports areas of Europe, der Mecklenburger Seeplatte, you can find the Müritz Houseboat. This great driving houseboat is an unique combination between a caravan and a boat. 

It offers you all the luxury of cruising around and determening your own destination via the water, and has the space and luxury of a big boat. Wat else would you want ?

Houseboat description

The Müritz Houseboat offers houseboating in a new perspective: By Watercamper. The watercamper is flexible and and offers a unique way to explore the waterways to Brandenburg or Berlin. While you normally have restrictions using a bigger boat, the watercamper is hassle free and you don't even need a license to steer it ! The equipment of the caravan on the platform is similair to a modern flat!

The Müritz houseboat can be rented both with a caravan provided by us as seen on the picture, or with your own caravan! We can offer you many great routes in one of the most beautifal watersport areas of Europe, the Mecklenburger Seeplatte.

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