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Surprising Germany

Germany, which lies in the very heart of Europe, is full of surprises. Because what other country can offer you the wide range of delicous bratwurst, beautiful castles, sexy lederhosen, stunning lakes, historic cities, cosy beergardens and the famous Black Forest? Yes, Germany has it all ... and much more!


It doesn't matter if you are a city lover or nature freak, Germany is a country that has these two things combined: you can discover and enjoy great cities like Berlin, Hamburg and München or you can simply visit the great nature parks this country has to offer and take in the beautiful views of Germany’s unique flora and fauna.


Inner city life

Visit a city in Germany and you will be amazed about the variety you will find. On the one hand, there is the historic feel that each place oozes. Go and visit the many beautiful churches and buildings, some of them have been here since the Middle Ages! In some cities, like Cologne and Trier, you will even find buildings and monuments  that date back from the time when the Romans invaded Germany.


Cultural Germany

But on the other hand, it’s not all history that you will find in Germany. This country, with it’s great cities Berlin, Hamburg and München, is big on culture. For the older generation, there is plenty to enjoy in the many art museums and opera houses, while the youngsters can take in the great music venues and fashionable shops these cities have to offer. This mixture of history and modern culture makes Germany a place that is always in fashion!


Go with nature

You wouldn’t think of it first hand, but Germany is the perfect country for nature lovers. With it’s many mesmerizing and fairytale like forests, with The Black Forest as the most famous of all, one can easily spend a few weeks between the trees without even seeing someone else!


Rent your own houseboat!

Next to it’s many forests, Germany also has countless beautful lakes and rivers where you can swim, sail, fish and go boating. Watch the landscape of German nature en cities go by while enjoying a boatride or even better, rent your own boat and live and sleep on the water!. Check out the houseboat rentals  that we offer on and enjoy a holiday in Germany on your own houseboat!


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