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Houseboat rental Prague - 1 houseboat

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Rental from $138 Per night
Know a houseboat owner in Prague? Invite him / her and earn €200.
Know a houseboat owner in Prague?
Invite him / her and earn €200.
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Rent a houseboat in Prague, the city of a thousand spires

The historic, characteristic city will make you go back in time. And there’s a lot of here: as a Central European country, a lot of historical events have taken place in the Czech Republic, and in Prague. A lot of pretty, old buildings with a lot of spires together have created a beautiful city. Why not have a look for yourself?

To do and visit in Prague

Have you ever wondered where beer was invented? You’ve guessed it: in the Czech Republic! And did you think that Germans were the biggest beer drinkers? Think again: this honour belongs to the Czechs. How could you go to Prague without drinking a Czech beer? Sit down on a terrace and enjoy a beer like the Chechs do. Or visit the Brevnov Monastery, the first documented brewery of the Czech Republic, and get some history as well. And of course, you can drink their beer here as well. Fortunately, Prague has more to offer than beer.

Your private floating home in the Golden City

Every year, millions of tourists visit Prague to see the majestic buildings, the many museums and the romance of the inner city. It’s almost as if you’re back in the middle ages, with all the narrow streets in the original pattern of back then. Combined with the beautiful baroque buildings, this city will absolutely bring you an unforgettable experience! Now let’s talk about sightseeing. There are a lot of monuments in Prague that are worth a visit. The 500m long Charles Bridge from the 13th century is very famous, and the same goes for Wenceslas Square, a magnificent square that almost looks like a boulevard. Last but not least, be sure to visit Prague Castle, one of the most significant monuments in the Czech Republic and a true symbol. Get on the water! While your staying in Prague, be sure to go on a boat cruise on the Moldau river and see Prague from another angle. But why wouldn’t you sleep on a boat during your stay? Have a look at our houseboat rentals in Prague and find your perfect stay!