Houseboat review: the CaraBoat

Imagine having a caravan and a boat. In one…


Looking for an amazing way to spend your free time both on the road and on the water? Check out the CaraBoat. This combination of a high-end caravan and a luxury boat enables you to go cruising on the water while the country goes by, or just relax on a campsite with your family and friends. For the true houseboat fan, this is as good as it gets!


Houseboat CaraBoat

Picture yourself driving the ultimate houseboat with your friends and family? (photo: CaraBoat)


Speed up to 17 knots


Better than having a stationary vacation home, the 7,5 meter long CaraBoat allows you to go places and travel from with all with the modern conveniences of home. Both on the water and on the road! Rated as one of the best makers of mobile and boat homes in the world, there is not an expense spared. Once the CaraBoat is put on the trailer, the total length is 9,2 meter and you can drive it around just as easy as any other off road caravan. Once this beauty is released on the water, she can coast with a top speeds of 17 knots to get there fast. Or take your time to enjoy the journey, the choice is yours!


Houseboat Caraboat on trailer

When on the trailer, the CaraBoat is just as comfortable as any off-road caravan. (photo: CaraBoat)


Travel in style like Bond

Why fly around the world when you can travel it by land and sea? When you want to break out of the dull drum of daily life, take your house trailer for a ride. Like straight out of a James Bond movie, the world is wide open for you to explore in your stylish and unique vessel. The CaraBoat sleeps up to 4 persons and has two 30 hp Tohatso 4 stroke outboard engines.


Interiour Houseboat CaraBoat

The interior matches any high end caravan with ease. (photo: CaraBoat)


One of the key elements of the CaraBoat is that all space is used very efficient. You can store everything aboard, even if you’re planning a longer trip. Get away for the weekend, or to take a month's sabbatical, it all depends on the adventure you want to set out for.


The ultimate driving houseboat


Head abound either alone or bring some friends; the CaraBoats offer great entertaining layouts and space. Have a roving party on your favorite body of water with ease, it offers fun for everyone! Windows all around, you won’t miss out on anything. These vessels combine everything you can dream of for your quality time away from home. We truly think this is the ultimate driving houseboat.


Side view of the CaraBoat Houseboat


Wanted: builders in the USA


At this time the Australian based company CaraBoat is looking for builders in the USA to make the big leap to the States. So if you're interested in joining this great team and build the CaraBoat, just contact them via their website.

For more information on purchasing or renting one go to



Dimensions, CaraBoat without trailer

LOA:  7.5m (24.6ft)

BOA:  2.5m (8.2 ft)

Height floating no A/C: 2.05m (6.7ft)

Height    “ A/C Option: 2.25m (7.4ft)

Draft: 0.2m (8 inch)

Weight: 1700 kg


Dimensions on Trailer

Trailer length: 9.2m (30.2ft)

Height no A/C: 2.8m (9.2ft)

Height A/C option: 3.05m (10ft)

Width: 2.5m (8.2ft)

Trailer weight: 780kg

Combined weight: 2500 kg

Towball down weight: 245 kg

Tankage Fresh water: 180L   (2 x 90L)

Tankage Grey Water: 50-75L

Tankage Black Water: 19L (Dometic)



Internal Headroom Standard: 1.94m

Internal Headroom Hi-Line opt: 2.04m

Engines:  2 x 30 hp Tohatsu 4 stroke

Max speed:  15-17 Knots (subject to load)


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