Small islands, big impact

Floating islands give facelift to Copenhagen's harbor

Looking at this modest, but spirit-lifting concept you see the characteristics of Danish architecture: the Copenhagen Island is inspired by light, water, wide space, and sustainability. A shared space for kayakers and swimmers who want to rest, to fish from and sunbath at.

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Copenhagen Islands near houseboat
Every island is quite simple in itself, but the impact on how people experience the harbor can be surprisingly big. 

Architects Marshall Blecher and Magnus Maarbjerd will be in charge of whipping up a wooden island as known as floating islands in Copenhagen harbor. Both are architectures at Danish Design Studio Forkstrot. The handmade island is built in the south of the harbor, where the object has to add some amusement to the watercourse.

Copenhagen Islands is a public space project including a small tree in the middle of the 20 square meters floating surface. Blacker and his friend got many questions related to their design. Blecher yearns to create a place for kayakers and swimmers where they can enjoy sunbathing, fishing, and resting. Floating shared space in optima forma.

Chain of floating islands

The strength of the concept is that all floating islands are connected by their various functions, as this artist impression shows. 

Connected islands
The concept consists of approximately nine island proposals with different functions. Copenhagen Islands is one in a series of landscape proposals. Furthermore, the significant feature will be the connection between those small islands. As a result, people will have the chance to enjoy festivals or special events on an integrated island.

Bring back life to the harbor
Blecher originally is from Sydney, Australia where the harbor is filled with luxury but mostly unused yachts and floating homes. With this lack of ‘real use’ in mind, he wanted to create something different. By adding floating islands he hopes to bring back some life to the Copenhagen harbor. This would be an interesting addition to the current offer of yachts and even a wonderful houseboat that is moored here.

Funding needed
Statenskunstfond and Havnekulturpuljen (two well-established Danish Art Foundations) have made the first move by funding for the first stage of this project. In the meanwhile, Blecher and Maarbjerg are looking for new investment for stage two. They hope this project can take part in changing overlook of Copenhagen as well as it can be used in other cities. For those people are interested in this floating project, you can visit the island in Copenhagen's Slusen and it will be moved to Refshaleøen in the spring.

Official website of the Copenhagen Islands

The first floating island in copenhagen with houseboats at the background

When staying in one of the Copenhagen houseboats, you might enjoy a chain of these floating islands!