New houseboat trend

After 'tiny houses' it's time for Tiny Floats 

After the worldwide ‘tiny houses’ trend, there is a new kid on the block. A floating kid born in The Netherlands - not surprisingly since this country has a rich history of living with water. The concept is simple: a floating vacation home, just as luxury as a regular land based house, with an inboard parking space for your boat. Tucking all this in less then 45 square metre was less simple. “But we love challenges, and we succeeded in our goal”, says builder and co-designer Dieuwe Wierema at Waterstudio.


Dieuwe is co-founder of the Tiny Floats project and is proud that this dream has come true. “Actually we have just delivered the first Tiny Float to her new owner. That is quite a milestone. Because thinking of a concept and designing - a big thanks to designer Koen Olthuis - it is one thing, but realizing is quite a different ball game.”

Tiny houseboat from The Netherlands
The first Tiny Float has just been delivered to her new owner. "Quite a milestone since creating a concept is one thing. Building it is a whole different ball game", says Dieuwe Wierema, one of the founding fathers of this brand new houseboat concept. (photo: Tiny Floats)

Now, what is a Tiny Float exactly? Tiny Floats are small floating structures designed by Koen Olthuis of Waterstudio.NL, comparable with the Tiny Houses, better known as small houses with a maximum size of 45sqm, most of the time self-supporting. Tiny Houses came over from the USA and now spread all over Europe. The houses are designed to contain all the main facilities of a normal house but, in a more efficient and smaller space.

Terrace of the Tiny Float overlooking the harbor
Although space is limited there is a comfortable terrace with broad rim that can be used as a couch. (photo: Tiny Floats)

In addition to the similarities there are differences as well. Wierema: “A very important differences is found in the use of the materials. Tiny houses in general are introvert and self-centered, while Tiny Floats are connected to the water and other surroundings. The biggest difference is the subsurface. Tiny houses are land based, while Tiny Floats are based on water. The floating base not only serves in an unique habitat. But also in a safer environment, after all: there is no langer a floodrisk because of the floating base.”

The first Tiny Float
The first Tiny Float in all her glory, docked in The Netherlands, where this houseboat was designed and built. (photo: Tiny Floats)

Thanks to the compact size of the Tiny Floats they are fast and easy to transport and finish them on there final destination. The standardized sizes make it possible to transport the Tiny Floats without special permits.

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