The houseboat secrets of the South


What comes first to your mind when talking about houseboats in France, is probably Paris with its péniches moored on the Seine. But this country has more to offer than the capital, such as the beautiful Southern coastal region where you can find several amazing houseboats. 



Actually, the South of France is a very touristic area where travelers get to discover a fascinating historical background. One of the major spots of the region: the Canal du Midi, registered as UNESCO world heritage. Built under the reign of Louis XIV, the Canal is 250 kilometers long. It enables you to moor your houseboat in one of its many lovely cities. 



Discover Canal du Midi from a houseboat

Every year, about 50.000 tourists rent a boat to sail on the Canal and discover the very heart of the region. But you can also discover the region by riding your bike as there is a bikeway that was created especially for tourists. One of the houseboats available on our website is located between Toulouse and Carcassonne, in Villefranche de Lauragais. This is the perfect location to start discovering this lovely, sunny area.



The Pink City Toulouse

Toulouse, also known as the Pink City, is a city with many historical monuments. However, it is also a modern city as it is the economic center of the field of aviation and spaceflight. If you are going to Toulouse, you can visit old antique sites like amphitheaters and churches. Or you can choose to go to the Airbus factory and see how a plane is built. We can highly recommend this houseboat nearby Toulouse if you want to explore this beautiful part of the Haute-Garonne. 


Houseboat near Toulouse


We can't think of a better way to explore the Canal-du-Midi! (Photo:


The medieval town of Carcassone

Carcassonne, on the other hand, has a particular medieval atmosphere. The medieval fortified citadel is what makes Carcassonne so special. If you get there, make sure to visit the castle. Plus, for a glimpse of the French daily life, you can go to one of the markets that take place in Carcassonne. 



Artistic heritage in Narbonne

Keep following the Canal and you will get to Narbonne. This city, halfway between the sea and the countryside, has an impressive artistic heritage. You can admire these collections in Narbonne’s four museums. There is also Les Halles, the local market, where you can have a taste of what the region has to offer : wine, olives, honey… 



Architectural treasures in Béziers

Not far away from Narbonne is Béziers. Here you can find this awesome houseboat in Villeneuve-les-Béziers., a great 'péniche' to start exploring the Canal-du-Midi region. Historically speaking, Béziers has undergone violent conflicts during the Middle Ages but there is nothing to be afraid of when visiting this city! There is a bright side as Béziers is known for its production of wine, and its architectural treasures.



Houseboat near Béziers


Houseboat 'Durandal' is a great home base to start exploring the beautiful region of the Canal-du-Midi. (Photo:


Other houseboats in South France


The Mediterranean Sea also has incredible treasures to offer, including wonderful natural parks where wildlife is preserved. Then, if you prefer to go a little further East of the Canal, you can find lovely houseboats near Montpellier and Arles.



Enjoy La douce France!

Sure, Paris is a terrific city. But you can discover a totally different side of France if you decide to spend a week on a houseboat on the Canal du Midi. Enjoy the nice weather of this region while drinking a glass of French wine. Taste the food, go to the beach, discover the many historical anecdotes. France does not owe its status of most touristic destination only to Paris. Then, why not book an incredible experience in the South of France!


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